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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tech Director wanted

Clyde River Pageant looking for a TD
  The job will not require really extensive tech experience (no really complicated Lx or sound) but good people skills (there will be lots of non-professional artists and volunteers involved) and an ability to improvise and problem solve, and even some set-building experience, would all be useful.
We have budgeted a fee of $1000. There will be some work to be done part-time in early July, and then the schedule will be more full time in the 2 weeks leading up to the performances in New Glasgow on July 30 and 31. Having a car would be important.  See Description below ...

River Clyde Pageant TD Job Description

The River Clyde Pageant will be a moving, processional event, starting at the Little Victory Microfarm, on the East/South bank of the river in New Glasgow, and then moving, with the audience accompanying the performers on foot, through various scenes along the riverbank toward the New Glasgow bridge, and then over the bridge and onto the lawn below the Mill Restaurant on the West/North bank, where there will be a final scene followed by a community supper. The Pageant will take place in the early evening, timed to end before sunset, so lighting needs will be minimal for the performance itself, but some lighting will be required for the outdoor community supper, which will likely extend past sunset.

Some of the scenes will involve music that will require amplification, and we also plan to have some live music during the community supper.

The various scenes of the pageant will be conceived to take advantage of, and fit into the riverbank setting, so no major set pieces or scenery will be required, but there may be some building required. We have at least one carpenter volunteer (he is also co-owner of the Little Victory Microfarm) with an onsite shop who is keen to help with any building that’s required.

The TD job will involve coordinating the technical set-up for the above events. This will involve some degree of design and conception in consultation with Megan and I as project directors – so figuring out where to source/borrow/rent any sound or light equipment we need - as well as coordinating the set-up of that equipment. We have a technical budget for the Pageant, for materials and equipment rental, and part of the TD job will also be figuring out how we work within that budget.

Because we anticipate accommodating an on-foot audience of up to 150 people, part of the TD job will also be figuring out audience flow, audience parking, and traffic control in the period when we cross the New Glasgow bridge.

We will begin Pageant rehearsals and workshops in mid-June, training stilt-walkers, building puppets, and rehearsing a Pageant choir. These workshops will continue throughout July, with rehearsals becoming more intensive in the 2 weeks before the actual Pageant performances on July 30 and 31. In the first month of rehearsals, from mid-June to mid-July the TD job will be part time, involving planning and production meetings, sourcing equipment, and anticipating other technical needs. In the 2 weeks prior to performance, July 16-31, the TD job will become more fulltime, coordinating any onsite building, equipment pick-ups and installations, working with the directors and the Pageant stage manager to coordinate smooth interaction between the performers and volunteers and the technical aspects of the production.

The final part of the job will be coordinating the strike and equipment return at the end of the project.

This is the first time we will have created the Pageant, so in addition to planning and foresight, it will inevitably involve a considerable degree of improvisation and adaptation on our feet. We will be working with a large number of people, both professional and amateur, and of all ages, many of them working outside their usual areas of experience and expertise, but all of them contributing time and energy to a project which must, above all, be a good experience for everyone. So it will require patience and generosity from all of us.

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