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Thursday, October 26, 2017


New musical - needs producer(s)

  Hank Stinson — the man who for decades has acted in and developed shows for the Charlottetown Festival — has created a musical adaptation of LM Montgomery’s Rainbow Valley.  We think ACT will stage it at The Guild a year from now, in November 2018.  ACT has been directly involved as the show developed, in sort-of ‘testing’ and refining the script.  We know it’s a really good musical.
  The music setting is by Dean Burry, and the orchestration is being done by Natalie Williams-Calhoun.
  Hank himself will be the Director.  Marti Hopson will be Music Director.  Sharon MacDonald will be Stage Manager.  What a team!

  What we need now, in order to complete the proposal and get the go-ahead, is a producer.

  The producer is the co-ordinator of a theatre piece, the person who oversees the organization and manages the finances.  It can be a big job, but we have three ways of making it easier, even for someone with little experience.
• We hope to have an assistant or co-producer, to share the responsibilities.
• ACT has a comprehensive ‘Producer’s Handbook’ which gives detailed guidance about what the tasks are and how to do them.
• An experienced producer (Rob Thomson) has volunteered to provide active mentorship.

  So this is the pitch: can you suggest to us anyone who might be a good prospect as a producer? … or would you be interested yourself?

  We’d be happy to talk about it — no strings attached — with anyone who would like to investigate the idea.
  This is a very good project, and we want to make it happen.

ACT’s Directors of Theatre:
  Sharon MacDonald - 1-902-432-2317, sheamacd @ gmail.com
  Grace Kimpinski - 902-388-4372, kimpinski_g @ yahoo.ca

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