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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Looking for actors

Anyone out there have an interest in performing in the fringe festival this summer?

They are seeking actors ( 1 male and 3 or 4 females) to perform in the Charlottetown Fringe Festival. There is a play that was entered into the festival but the theatre group that was originally asked to perform it can not. If they don’t come up with the actors by the end of day they have to pull out of the festival.

The actors and production assistants would receive 50% of the box office after expenses plus have a great time. It truly is a wonderful script!

The quick synopsis is: it is the story of nineteen women who were turned to stone as punishment for dancing and making merry on a solemn, holy day. Once a century, one soul is released to tell their stories and plead with a serpent (the male of course!), dispatched by the Otherworld, for safe passage to the heavenly realm. The women’s stories are sometimes light-hearted, sometimes serious but always relative to the lives of contemporary society. Each of the women encapsulates a different experience by a female, ancient or modern.

Any assistance that you can provide would be appreciated.

The contact information is email: Cheryl Dalziel cjdalziel@gmail.com Cell phone: 314-6010 or her work phone number is 566-6962.

Yes, it is short notice but opportunity is knocking, why not answer the door?

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