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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Here’s another juror

Kate Martin - Juror #9

  Kate is a former teacher, a specialist in both theatre and English as a second or alternative language; she has taught in places as diverse as Toronto, Northern Ontario … all the way to Mozambique and Tanzania.

  She has contributed to ACT in many ways over the years.  For the Board of Directors she has been Director of Theatre and taken responsibility for the Beach House.  Occasionally she has acted — for instance, in Tennessee Williams’ Lord Byron’s Love Letter.  But she has been part of a host of other shows, though unseen by the audience … dressed in blacks in the key backstage roles of working props, stage management, stage crew — and whatever else is needed to ensure that a show runs smoothly.  For years she has been the co-organizer of the PEI Community Theatre Festival which is held each year in late March to celebrate World Theatre Day.  And for years she worked on making the Sears Festival and its successor event for high-school drama happen on PEI.

  Back on-stage now in 12 Angry Women, Kate says “It will be fun to appear in front of the curtain.”  She loves the prospect of working with Director Terry Pratt, and of playing in-the-round and on-the-road at four different venues.

  Kate is Juror #9.  She’s a quiet woman … but she stands up strongly against bigotry and for respect.  Like Kate herself, she’s a thoughtful person who is willing to listen with an open mind — which is a challenge in the play’s steamy jury room.  She has a line which might be one of the key themes: “It takes a great deal of courage to stand alone.”

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