The Rocky Horror Show

You probably know already that ACT is staging the cult classic ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ at the end of October—the 29th, 30th and 31st (Hallowe’en!), at the Carrefour.  The curtain opens at 8:00 o’clock .
  You can find a description of the famous show at
  It’s a hoot ... a fun-filled absurdity of a musical take-off on 1950s sci-fi horror flicks ... think space aliens who abandoned their original mission of galactic research in order to engage in kinky sex with earthlings and work on creating a bionic man!
  Imagine these characters in a Frankensteinesque castle:
• Brad (Nick Whelan) and Janet (Helen Killorn) - naive fiancés stranded on a dark-and-stormy night
• Frank N. Furter (Adam Gauthier) - a madcap hedonist who introduces himself as “just a Sweet Transvestite from Trans-sexual Transylvania”
• Rocky Horror (Jeremy Doucette) - Frank’s creation, the “beautiful to behold” muscle-man
• Columbia (Carolyn Campbell) - conflicted groupy
• Riff Raff (Ashley Clark) - the castle’s freaky handyman
• Magenta - Riff’s sensuous, if somewhat spacey, sister
• Eddie - the biker rebel who “went to pieces” for the cause of Frank’s brand of science
• The Phantoms (Morgan Varis, Bethany Mayne, Lana MacAusland, Ashley MacLeod) - who float sinuously in and out of the action
• Dr. Everett Scott (Rob Thomson) - the wheelchair-bound scientist with a questionable past
• The Narrator (Ken Gay) - pontificatory commentator on the action and the meaning of life
The production is directed by the irrepressible Richard Haines.
  The rock-and-roll music (led by Ian Toms) is a gas.  The dancing (prepared by Savannah Belsher-MacLean) is amazing.  The costumes (and their sometimes skimpiness!) are ... well, engaging.
  Tickets are $15 (general seating)—from the Confederation Centre Box Office or at the door.  Remember that there is a $2 advance-purchase discount for anyone on Sophia’s list of paid-up (2009/10) ACT members.

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