Proposal Form for an ACT production

Here is the general format you should follow when proposing a production to ACT (a community theatre)

Proposal for ACT Production

Proposer’s Name:

Name of Intended Production:

When do you propose to mount this?

Where [Venue(s)]?

How many performances?

Have you checked re availability of the venue(s)?

What is the seating capacity?

Do you have a producer / production coordinator?

Are there other members of the production team in place? Please identify.
What is the cast breakdown M / F? Age range?

Do rights need to be secured?

If so, have you made preliminary inquiries about securing the rights?

What motivated you to choose this play? (5 or 6 lines)

What will motivate folks to attend? (e.g., hit musical-JCSS, chance to beat the
winter blahs- Tenor, focus on ovarian cancer-Wit)

What do you foresee that the challenges might be? (e.g., only 50 seats available
in venue, 25 males in cast, costume heavy)

Have you read (and perhaps discussed with those involved) the ‘post-mortem’ reports from one or more previous ACT productions ... so as to get a sense of some of the factors of success and difficulty experienced in shows comparable to the one you are proposing?

What is the ball-park budget – what are some of the estimated expenses for rights?  theatre costs? Costumes? Lighting? Sets and props? Music?

Budget Estimates
Theatre Rental (inc. tech time/costs)

Total Costs        

Revenue Estimates

Contact Information:

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