Little Shop of Horrors - a Recruitment Pitch

Want to get involved with making this great show happen?

  Guess what arrived in Charlottetown on Tuesday morning (April 12th) ... Audrey II, a 2-metre-tall puppet of the man-eating plant which is the star of Little Shop of Horrors, is now reposing in the Beach House, dreaming of performing in five shows at Holland College’s new theatre at the end of October.

  We have the core of a great production team for the show:
Director - Peter Krauskopf     Producers - Rob Thomson & Grace Kimpinski
Music Director - Rowan Fitzgerald     Vocal Director - Owen Aylward
Stage Manager - Sharon MacDonald     Props Coordinator - Ann Greyborn
Choreographer - Morgan Wagner     Costumer - Pam Jewell
Set construction - Peter Krauskopf & Cyril Armstrong

  But there a number of slots which need to be filled.  So we’re looking for people—whether experienced or wanting to learn—who would like to get involved with making this great show happen.  Here are the opportunities:
• Assistant Stage Manager     • Props team
• Front-of-House       • Programme coordination
• Programme advertising sales     • Costume help
• Hair & Make-up

  Interested?  Contact Rob: 902-628-6778,  robthomson @

Below, a Fact Sheet about the show.
<u>Little Shop of Horrors -  Fact Sheet</u>
Produced by ACT (a community theatre)

The show: A love story - with a man-eating plant!
SciFi-horror-comedy/rock musical, by Alan Menken & Howard Ashman
(famed for Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas etc.)
1980s off-Broadway, Broadway, international; 1986 film; 2000s revivals
Best Musical 1983, N.Y.C. Critics Award

When: 5 performances October 27-30: Thur, Fri, Sat eve; matinees Sat & Sun
Where: Holland College’s new Florence Simmons Performance Hall

Music: Rock-n-roll/doo-wop/early Motown
      Small combo - bass, drums, guitar, 2 keyboards

Rehearsals: Starting mid-August - Colonel Gray Lecture theatre
            Sunday afternoons (1:00-4:00) + evenings (6:00-9:00) on Monday (probably choreography), Wednesday (probably vocal) and Thursday—
            targeted specifically to particular characters for particular scenes—i.e. you’ll need to attend only the ones for which you are scheduled.

Cast:  probable total 24 ...
  Audrey II - off-stage singing voice
  Audrey II - operator inside the big puppet
  Seymour - 25-35, nerdy guy, lots of singing, some dancing
  Audrey - 25-35, shallow-seeming-but-nice blonde, lots of singing
  Mr. Mushnik - 55-65, worn-down boss, some singing & dancing
  Orin - 30-40, sadistic dentist, some singing
  Chiffon }
  Ronnette } 16-20, lots of ‘girl-group’ singing & dancing
  Crystal }
  Minor/brief appearance: Interviewer, Bernstein, Mrs. Luce, Skip Snip
  Assorted street people: winos, et al - chorus, some choreography bits

Auditions:  June 10, 11, 12 (Fri eve, Sat morn & aft, Sun aft) @ Colonel Gray
        Cold-read from script + prepared song (unaccompanied) + dance (principals)

Requirements: Cast-persons must be or become ACT members ($25/15),
            and must formally commit to rehearsals, etc.

Information: Rob Thomson - robthomson @ 628-6778
            Peter Krauskopf - pkfamily @ 651-2366

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