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I just wanted to start a thread where people could come in and talk about the show, ask questions, and just basically have a general doscussion about the show itself. I for one am very excited about this production and I know that it is going to be great!

I guess I have a few questions myself about the show. Things like, where can a guy get a copy of the entire musical numbers, does anybody have a copy of the movie itself? How many cast does the show call for? What would get a guy a principal role in the show? (That was a personal question)haha. Just things like that. I am hoping that the right people will find this post and be able to help me out with some of those questions.

Again, I am very excited to be joining act on this adventure, whatever this adventure holds for me. It’s been some time since I have been an active member of ACT and I think it’s only fitting for me to return for a show like this.

George Gibbs

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  1. Hi George,

    Thanks for starting this thread. I hope it will encourage people to join in on the topic. Questions can’t get answered unless they are asked, that’s for sure. I too am excited about this production. Mind you, I’m usually pretty excited about most things ACT get itself into, but this show hopefully will draw in a lot of people who haven’t been active with us yet!

    I may be biased, but for me the best example of the show is the original concept album. I say concept album because Andrew Lloyd Webber put it out long before it ever hit the stage. The album features an impressive line-up of rock performers from the late sixties including Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan in the title role. This is not just a recording you get cause you like the show!!!

    I have to admit I didn’t particularly like the Norman Jewison’s film, but a lot of folks did and I have even heard it say that it was responsible for putting JC Superstar on the map. Perhaps! Maybe I should take another look at it!!

    Auditions will be coming up in June and definately will be announced on this this website. Maybe even in this thread!

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  2. Hello all!  Greetings from below and far to your left (Washington State, USA).  I hope you don’t mind my crashing your discussion thread but I am eager to talk with others about JC Superstar production - in particular set design.  Our local Theatre group - Richland Light Opera Company (founded in 1949) is putting on JC at about the same time you are (early November or thereabouts).  I have worked for many years on sets for this group as well as local high school and the local “Players” theatre group as well and am designing the set for JC.  I would love to exchange ideas or thoughts with any and all interested parties.  Our director is looking for a somewhat desolate exterior setting that is generally timeless for the crowds and Jesus’s “people” but that includes some of the local rock formation flavor.  To contrast she is looking for more modern, crisp settings for the “establishment” locations as a contrast.  Also in terms of construction style and materials we are primarily a 1x4, Luann ply, and foam group of builders.  My particular struggle is to design scenes that are as “timeless” as possible - hard to come up structures that elude to “government” without looking like something one recognizes and I’m not too keen on the scaffolding idea.  Any thoughts out there?  -Eric-

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  3. Hi Eric, Greetings to you in Washington State, USA. Always great when anyone posts to the website. Even more fun when it is from far away.

    I am pretty sure our set is still more in the ‘concept’ stage at the moment but I will forward your question to our designers for their input.

    So you are mounting about the same time as us. Super. All the best to you. Out of curiousity, when will you folks start into the rehearsal schedule?

    - Gerry

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  4. Hello Gerry! pleased to “speak” with you.  The producer and Director have tentatively scheduled auditions for late August (24-26) but this may get backed up depending on the venue we end up with.  Rehearsals are slated for Sept./Oct. 

    When I have more definitive set ideas I will try to find a way to forward them on to see what you folks think.  Thanks, -Eric-

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  5. We are trying a different approach for this project. Auditions will take place in a couple of weeks. The plan is to rehearse the principals during the summer and have the chorus join in beginning in September. Our director (who is teacher in his other life), hopes to take advantage of his summer ‘down time’ to arrange flexible rehearsal schedules for his leads.

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  6. I was reading and saw someone ask about a copy of the movie.

    Blockbuster has a copy of the movie on DVD for one week rentals for $4.70 including taxes…I rented it and never having seen it before, thought it was amazing.

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  8. Hello there!  Greetings from Carleton Plkace, Ontario!

    My name is Andy, and I am (quite possibly) the biggest JCS fan in Ontario. 

    I’m responding to the first post.
    First, any record store should copy at least one copy of any JCS cast album.  My personal favourite full cast recording is the 1996 London recording (featuring Alice Cooper as King Herod)

    Second, the man playing Jesus needs to have a magnetic personality/stage pressence.  A personal bias is get a rock tenor for the role (a classical tenor just doesn’t do it for me).  Jesus has a lot of screaming parts, so he neds to have a powerful rock tenor voice.

    Third, the 1973 film is available in most, if not all video stores (if a video store DOESN’T have it, they can order it for you.

    A great resouce for all things JCS, is the following website:

    Hope that helps.

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  9. Hi Andy! Greetings from the Island!!!!

    Thanks for participating in this list. I share your bias for a rock tenor as Judas and it is my understanding that is how it has played out for our production.

    That bias admitted, I must confess being blown away by Ben Vereen when I first saw JCS many, many years ago - but I don’t think anyone would have descibed Ben Vereen as operatic.

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  10. Yes, Vereen is my favourite Judas.  I was raised on the OBC recording as a small child.  Thus beginning my love/obsession with JCS.  I also adore the late Carl Anderson’s Judas. 

    Judas and Jesus need to be rock tenors.  It is a rock opera, after all.  Actually, if I was casting the show, I would go after rock singers.  The show is very raw, so the voices need to reflect that. 

    If I was able to, I’d audition for Judas, Jesus, Annas, or Pilate.  I’m able to sing all of them.  I have a three octive range. 

    I have recorded “Gethsemane.”  I’m going to put it up on the net in a few months.  Hopefully that’ll generate some interest, as I want to do the show for a living.


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