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  The PEI Community Theatre Festival—held at the Carrefour on Saturday afternoon, March 26th—was a wonderful success ... far more audience than expected, a fine experience for scores of participating thespians, no significant problems, a simple but effective concept of true community theatre.  That was the second year for the Festival in its renewed form: ACT - a community theatre spear-headed its re-creation after a lapse from earlier production by Theatre PEI.
  Organization of these two festivals was done by a committee of three or four persons ... and it proved to be effective and remarkably easy.
  The reason for this message is to recruit members for that committee.  Two of us are pulling back from overall responsibility on the core group ... although we’ll probably be available for particular tasks such as publicity, awards, sponsorships and such.
   Work on the core committee is not all that onerous.  We found that in the fall there was actually very little for the organizing committee to do—just some general planning + recruiting participant community-theatre groups.  Arrangements-making—choosing and securing venue(s) and a technician, organizing refreshments, getting an adjudicator, etc.—got done after we knew how many and who were the participant groups.  That is, the main work happened in January, February, March.  It took just three or four committee meetings, apart from the ‘homework’ between meetings, of course.  We have two years of experience and written materials which provide guidance for making things happen without a whole lot of stress.
  The Theatre Festival is riding on the momentum of two successful years.  It’s a very worthwhile project, and organizing it is pretty straightforward—and rewarding.
  Do you think this might be something for you to get involved in?

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