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Hi folks,
  I’m forwarding along a casting call notice we recently recieved for a musical video. Contact info is available aty the bottom for anyone interested. Take care,

Richard Haines
ACT President.

Could you please forward this information to any ACT members who might be interested?  I would be most grateful.
I am currently assembling a production of a 90 minute musical.  I am looking specifically for two older actors, one man, one woman, both over 50.  The show is a co-operative venture, and everyone is paid an equal share (but I would love to hear from actors of all ages).
The following is a a description of all the characters. in the show:  The role of Miss Crombie has been cast.
Pierre Coldwater/Froideau( the “favourite son” of the title) a dual character role, baritone.  Coldwater is a folk hero for our time with a deliberately murky past.  He introduces himself with a solo country song (ability to play a guitar or fiddle is an asset but not necessary).  He appears in the second act asPierre Froideau, the real person upon whom they have based their fictional hero – only he is now a mobster from Montreal (accent?).  In this persona, he sings a sinister jazzy blues number but drops the accent and becomes quite nonplussed when confronted by Lady Angela (his ex-wife).  He sings the waltz with her and in the gospel-rock finale.
Lady Angela Phelps – (character role – soprano) mature. Does not appear in the first Act.  She appears in time to provide the resolution of the plot.  The daughter of a Lt. Governor, very wealthy with the calm quiet assurance of a woman born to high status and money.  Her command is palpable.  She has two songs:  one is a back and forth answer/response type nostalgic waltz with the title character (revealed to be her ex-husband); the second is the finale - a gospel-rock anthem to herself backed by the rest of the cast.
Delores Crombie (female lead, alto or soprano) old enough to have achieved a high ranking staff position in government, equivalent to a Ministerial Chief of Staff)  – shrewd and professional, somewhat severe.  She commands her boss with authority, and is likely the only reason for his success.  Under her arch exterior she is nonetheless very fond of him in a motherly sort of fashion.  An “Iron Lady” at the outset, she develops a romantic interest in the title character, which is quite upsetting to her boss, who fears losing her.  She has a solo ballad, in which she reveals a very tender, lonely side of her.  Her song is the recurring love theme used throughout the show.  She sings in all songs but two.
John Perry (male lead, a Junior Minister in Provincial government.  Good looking but not very bright. (Baritone-tenor).  Tries hard but always seems out of his depth.  He relies UTTERLY on Miss Crombie to know what to do, when, and how.  He starts the show with a witty patter song about the art of politics (don’t make any decisions – ever – and you can’t get into trouble.)  With the others, he sings four other songs.
Roger Smiles: (tenor) a Public Relations expert – the consummate salesman – flashy and very stylish.  He oozes charm and confidence.  He introduces himself with a disco song and sings three songs with Perry and Coldwater and again in the finale.

I am asking anyone interested to email me at or call me at 569-9370.

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