Wanted: Plays for the 2014 Community Theatre Festival

  Prince Edward Island’s annual celebration of World Theatre Day is the PEI Community Theatre Festival, and in 2014 it will again be held at the end of March—Saturday, the 29th.
  Once more it will be at the Carrefour in Charlottetown, filling the Saturday afternoon with a play running approximately every ¾ of an hour or so, with a social time in-between performances.  Refreshments will be provided to the players, as well as being available for purchase by audience members.  Performers will be given helpful adjudication; last year that was done by the irrepressible Wade Lynch and his arts-savvy colleague Monique Lafontaine.  Each group will be presented with a participation award.
  The Community Theatre Festival is a showcase for true community theatre—a great chance for scores of actors and off-stage production volunteers to perform beyond their usual home audience, to rub shoulders with and learn from one another and get constructive feedback.
  The Festival has grown in popularity since its resurgence in 2010.  Last year the Carrefour’s theatre was almost always full as people watched two or three or all the performances.  There were six fascinating plays, put on by a wide range of groups—well-established ones like ACT, children, a French school class, a Mi’kmaq group, Sketch 22 veterans and other old-hands, and newcomers.  Five of the six plays were original—developed by the people involved in performing them.
  Here’s what Adjudicator Wade Lynch had to say about it:
“The PEI Community Theatre Festival reminds me of why I went into theatre in the first place. It is an inclusive, nurturing community experience. The PEICTF is cross-generational, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual celebration of life expressed through theatre. To see young actors taking their first tentative steps into a public arena alongside those who have spent decades treading the boards is thrilling. To hear stories told, sung and physicalized in English, French, Mi’kmaq and mime is how we build a stronger, welcoming, tolerant, safe and magical community. I can’t wait for next year!”
  Now is the time organizers are inviting amateur (for-the-love-of-it) theatre groups to express interest and get working on a play.  What’s wanted are short plays or excerpts—generally no more than a half-hour—of any kind: comedy, quasi-improv, gripping drama, mystery, slice-of-life, political satire, romance, family-friendly or avant-garde/mature.
  So let the creative juices flow.  There’s plenty of time over the coming few months to get into performance mode.  Mentoring guidance is available on request.
  To get information and to express interest, contact any one of the organizing trio:
• Kate Martin 892-4384
• Sara McCarthy 315-2839
• Rob Thomson 628-6778
A group should signify its intention to participate by December 15th; then definite confirmation is needed by February 1st.

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