By-Laws for ACT (a community theatre) as amended on June 26, 2000.

Article II. By-Laws

Section II.01 Productions

(a)          Pursuant to Article I Section 02(ii), ACT shall endeavour to mount four productions each year.

(b)          Members shall be encouraged to participate in all aspects of the production, not just their own area of specialty.


Section II.02 Mentoring

(a)          Pursuant to Article I Section 02, ACT shall endeavour to set up apprenticeships or peer education opportunities within the local amateur theatre community.

(b)          Mentors may be professional or amateur specialists.


Section II.03 Workshops

(a)          Pursuant to Article I Section 02, ACT shall endeavour to encourage personal development in all production areas by organizing various workshops.

(b)          Workshops shall be operated and conducted on a cost-recovery basis.

(c)          Workshops may include Group Readings as a means of exposure to a wide range of theatre literature and interpretation.


Section II.04 Library and Archive Facilities

(a)          Pursuant to Article I Section 02 (iv), ACT shall develop a stock of theatrical literature and other materials for use by the Membership.


Section II.05 Newsletter

(a)          Pursuant to Article I Section 02(iv) and (v), ACT shall endeavour to publish a newsletter which will have preferably four (4) issues a year corresponding to the proposed dates of production as outlined in Article II Section 01(a).

(b)          The name of this newsletter shall be ACT ONE.


Section II.06 Membership Fees

(a)        Pursuant to Article I Section 03, the annual Membership fees shall be:


(i)          Regular - $25,

(ii)          Same Household - $40,

(iii)          Full-Time Student / Unwaged - $15,

(iv)          Summer - $5.


(b)      The annual Membership fee shall become due for renewal one year after the previous Membership fee has been collected unless the Member wishes to pay a partial year in order to set a more convenient annual renewal date.

(c)          The Summer Membership term shall be June 1 - Sept 30.

(d)          The annual Membership fee may be waived under special circumstances as considered by the Executive


Section II.07 Duties & Powers of the Executive

(a)          Pursuant to Article I Section 04, the Executive shall meet regularly between Annual General Meetings at the invitation of the President.

(b)          The Executive shall carry out the provisions of the Constitution and By-laws and may co-opt additional members as considered necessary to achieve these objectives.

(c)          A co-opted member shall not have the power to vote.

(d)          The Executive shall initiate activities consistent with the Constitution and By-laws for the purpose of achieving the objectives of the Association as set out in Article I Section 02.

(e)          The Executive shall cause proper books of account to be kept for any and all activities in which ACT may be engaged.

(f)          The Executive shall endeavor to have such books of account audited annually by a qualified accountant and whenever possible, have this audit presented for adoption at the next Annual General Meeting.

(g)          The Executive shall officially represent ACT between General Meetings and, consistent with (A), (3) and (C) above, shall take such action as may be necessary in respect thereof, subject to ratification at the next General Meeting.


Section II.08 General Meeting Agenda

(a)          Pursuant to Article I Section 06, the Agenda for the Annual General Meeting shall include:


(i)        Adoption of the Agenda;

(ii)        Minutes of the Previous Meeting;

(iv)          Business Arising from the Minutes;

(v)          Reports;

-      President,

-      Treasurer,

-      Director of Theatre,

-      Membership,

-      Nominating Committee;

-      Elections;

(vi)          Notice of Future Meetings;

(vii)        Other Business;

(viii)        Adjournment.


Section II.09 Signing Officers

(a)          Signing authority will rest with any Member of the Executive.

(b)          One signature will be required for deposits while two signatures will be required for withdrawals and cheques.


Section II.10 Restrictions and Privileges of Membership

(a)        Meetings


(i)          Non-members may, with the expressed permission of the President, attend any meeting of ACT and may participate in the discussion of designated topics.

(ii)          Under no circumstances shall non-members be accorded the privilege to vote.


(b)          Auditions


(i)          Auditions will be open to Members and non-members alike.


(c)          Performances


(i)          Participation in any aspect of any performance (on-stage or off) is restricted to Active Members of ACT.

(ii)          Members shall not normally receive personal financial reward for their participation any aspect of a production.

(iii)          Membership restrictions may be waived under special circumstances as considered by the Executive.

(iv)          An Active Member may purchase tickets for an ACT production at $2.00 off the advertised price when purchased in advance of the performance day.

(v)          Members actively involved in a production shall receive one complimentary ticket to the opening night performance.


(d)          Advance Notice


(i)          Members shall receive advanced notification regarding workshops, mentoring possibilities, auditions and productions.


Section II:12 Banking

(a)          The account will be in the name of ACT


Section II:12 Fiscal Year

(a)        The fiscal year of ACT will run from July 1 to June 30.

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