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The Confederation Centre has been contacted to see if the mainstage would be available either the first week in November 2004, or the third week. James Aylward informed me that the Centre was in the midst of planning productions of their own (that they are presenting in co-operation with other theatres in the Maritimes). As he does not know when these shows will take place, the Centre cannot accept bookings at this time. He will be attending a meeting in Halifax on November 22 and should be able to give us an anxswer shortly thereafter.

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  1. I received the following information back from James Aylward of the Confederation Centre on December 4th.

    I am very sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I am finally able to confirm the Main Stage for you for the first week of November 2004, 1st to the 6th inclusive.

    The trouble on my end is the PEI Presents programming. We are currently in the process of planning next years season. I presently have 60 offers out to artists across North America. The offers of course are subject to available dates and pricing. It will be several months before we have the season confirmed. This being said, I did not want to hold you off any longer.

    I would like to discuss with you the possibility of having your production included in our PEI Presents Brochure. This past year we produced 50,000 and direct mailed to 30,000 households.

    We will also have to discuss technical aspects and schedule so that I can prepare a contract for you.

    We still have not heard from Rogers and Hammerstein regarding rights and rentals.

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  2. We have received the rights from Rogers and Hammerstein along with a perusal book. I have dropped off the book to Allie. He has it until the end of February. Now that we have the rights and what they are going to cost us, we will be able to put together an accurate budget for the executive. The executive is going to have a shock. It appears that we need to pay in advance. A chequeor money order has to go in with the signed contract. But we need to do this in order to be in position to sign the contract with the Confederation Centre (another cheque there - but just a down payment). We need to get that contract signed in order to benefit from any advance publicity they might have to offer

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