Advice wanted for nominating board members for 2011-12

  We know that it is a number of weeks away (near the end of August), but the ACT board is looking ahead to the annual general meeting of ACT—in particular, the yearly routine of renewing the Board.  For that, we could use your advice.
  ACT’s constitution calls for a Nominating Committee to prepare a slate of candidates in preparation for the election which is held at the AGM.  Other candidates can be nominated at the meeting, of course, but the purpose of the Nominating Committee is to make certain that there will be at least one nominee for each office that is becoming vacant.  The Nominating Committee this year is Rob Thomson, Janet Macdonald and Heather Parry.
  The 2-year terms of the various Board members are set up so that there is a sort of leap-frogging: about half the officers get elected in one year, the other half in the next year.  This year the offices which are coming due for election are these:
  • President   • Director of Theatre   • Membership Director
  There is also one other opening for an appointed position (which doesn’t have a specific term)—Coordinator for ACT-Out (organizing some social occasions - going to a play and having dinner or dessert).
  So ... here’s the point of this posting: we wonder if you, as an ACT member, would be able to suggest someone who you think would do a committed and effective job on the ACT board (... or may yourself wish to be considered for nomination.)
  The ‘position descriptions’ for each of the four offices are shown below this message.
  Could you please give this some thought and feed us (robthomson at any suggestions in the course of the next ten days (by Monday, June 13)?  Thanks.

The current Board, by the way, is this:
  • President - Richard Haines • Past-president - Rob Thomson
  • Vice-President - Rob Reddin   • Secretary - Bunty Albert
  • Treasurer - Janet Macdonald • Director of Theatre - Adam Gauthier
  • Membership Coordinator - Sophia Wong
  • Music Adviser/Guru - Carl Mathis
  • Readings Coordinator - Heather Parry
  • ‘Flex’ member & ACT-Out - Margaret MacEachern
  • Workshops Coordinator - Ben Rayner
  • UPEI Liaison - Devin MacKinnon

The positions ...

- Call meetings; set agenda; chair the meeting
- Look ahead: raise issues; ensure planning
- General coordination: keep in touch with participants; make sure doers are in touch with each other
- Call AGM; set agenda; chair the meeting
- Spokesperson for ACT when needed
- Arrange any general publicity (apart from particular shows)
- ‘Foreign affairs’ - representative of ACT; liaison with other parties
- Handling of any requests to borrow items from ACT’s collection of props, costumes, set-pieces etc
- File annual return form (info re officers, etc.) to keep registration as a non-profit company

Director of Theatre
- Plan the production year (September to June): find, encourage, arrange for persons to plan and direct productions, so that ACT will present a suitable number (3 has been a rule-of-thumb standard, but is not the absolute number) and variety of shows for its annual season.  Preferably such planning involves much discussion with others.
- Plan/arrange for (with a fair degree of certainty) these elements of a show:
- the Director, in combination with the Director’s choice of play (or willingness to do the play proposed by the Director of Theatre)
- the rights to perform the play
- the timing (dates of performance, framework for auditions and rehearsals)
- the venue
- a rough budget
- the Producer (... and preferably the Stage Manager)
- Present – with the proponent-Director of a show, using ACT’s standard form/guideline for proposing a show – the plans to the Board for approval.  (The Board as a body must give permission to launch a production which uses ACT’s name and money.)
- Ensure that there is continuing liaison between the person(s) staging a show and the ACT Board
- Contribute views and take part in decisions on all matters which come before the Board as a body

Membership Director
- Act as the ‘keeper’ of policies/rules regarding membership
- Promote, at any opportunity, interest in joining ACT
  ... including ensuring membership on the part of on-stage participants in ACT productions (chiefly by doing a ‘sales’ job at the first gathering of participants)
- Handle applications, process payment of dues ... including issuance of receipts and member cards
- Maintain list of current members and contact information ... and provide for use as needed
- Facilitate members’ use of ticket-discount benefit
- Contribute views and take part in decisions on all matters which come before the Board as a body

ACT-Out Coordinator
- Organize (roughly once every month or two) entertainment/social events for ACT members to enjoy together:
- ‘research’ and consult ... choose theatre productions or comparable activities/events* to attend, normally in combination with a restaurant meal or other dining-sort of activity (e.g. wine-and-cheese, dessert) * Note that it need not be a play - example: concert, film
- Make arrangements - e.g. reservations, way to acquire tickets
- Publicize the outing among members and encourage participation
- Contribute views and take part in decisions on all matters which come before the Board as a body

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