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This acting course is designed for actors to strengthen their craft, starting from whatever stage of development the participant has reached. Through on-your feet practice, we will develop common tools to create truthful acting. These “tools” are:

1) Trusting your instincts
2) Being unwilling to ever say “that will do” (tenacity)
3) Being Brave in performance (abolish fear, take the “big leap”)
4) Exercising lateral thinking (art should be surprising yet inevitable)
5) Appreciating for “ensemble” playing (i.e. exercising generosity, saying “yes” as the primary impulse)
6) Exercising rigorous creative speculation (“what if…”, “I wonder why…”)
7) Rigorous appreciation of the need to constantly reassess the stakes of any set of circumstances (“how close can this situation be to ‘life and death’ and still be true to the text)
8) A connection to breath and voice which is both active and relaxed throughout the actors entire performance

These tools will be developed in on your feet scene study and rehearsal during a six-week course.

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