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Friday, November 14, 2014

Plays in search of performance

Playwrights looking for performers for the 2015 Community Theatre Festival

  Fresh from ACT’s highly successful ‘Plays in a Day’ experience (November 8th), at least two of the participating playwrights have given an enthusiastic indication that they want to enter plays in the 2015 Community Theatre Festival.
  And now they’re looking for help to make it happen.  In a twist on the famous Pirandello play (Six Characters in Search of an Author), here are two authors in search of not just characters, but an amateur team to put on a play.
  Melissa Heald says she’s made it a mission this year to be part of the Festival.  She has a one-act play which calls for one male and one female character.  She’ll also be looking for a director for the play.
  J.J. Steinfeld has a whole shelf-full of plays waiting to be put on, and he’d be glad to work with a group to pick one and get it performed in the Festival.
  The annual PEI Community Theatre Festival will run through the afternoon of Saturday, March 7th, at the Carrefour in Charlottetown.
  Interested?  You can contact Melissa Heald at mheald ... and J.J. Steinfeld at jjwriter
  You can find mini-bios on both playwrights in earlier entries (Oct 11 and Oct 16) on the ACT website.

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