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Friday, October 01, 2004

JC Superstar Poster

Version of Poster that appeared on the ACTpei website. Designed by Fred Louder.


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Friday, August 27, 2004

Praise for “Murder” team

Today, as I write this message, still relishing the committed efforts of our cast and production team of “Murder in the Cathedral” after our opening night, I’m reminded of a passage from David Mamet’s (an American playwright/director/teacher)book, “True and False: Heresy and Common Sense for the Actor,” which articulates the sentiment that has resonated with me ‘lo these past 4+ months rehearsing with the fine members of ACT:

“Cultivate the habit of mutuality.  Create with your peers, and you are building a true theatre.  When you desire and strive to rise from the ranks rather than with the ranks, you are creating divisiveness and loneliness in yourself, in the theatre, and in the world.  All things come in their time.”

Indeed, the ideal to which Mamet refers here is, I’ve discovered, an inherent quality of each of you and, as such, you commit yourselves to strengthening our global community ~ no small feat, for certain.

Thanks to all and I hope to have the opportunity to share future stages with you.  Cheers, everyone.

Rick Sparkes

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Murder Opens to a Full House

ACT’s production of Murder in the Cathedral opened to what amounted to a Full House last eveing (Thursday). It was a tremendous feeling and the performance went well.

Despite the ‘Sold Out’ designation, there were seats to be seen scattered throughout the pews. These were seats being held for Indian River Festival season ticket holders who had decided not to come to that performance but hadn’t called to realease the tickets. The Box Office can release these tickets just before a performance. That means that there were probably people in the audience Thursday evening who were able to pick them up at the door. Keep these ‘rush seats’ in mind if Saturday is the only evening you can come to the performance and don’t have your tickets yet.

Speaking of not having tickets yet, if you are planning to come tonight (Friday), which is not at present ‘sold out’, it might be wise to to book ahead to avoid disappointment. The Indian River Festival Box Office can be reached at 1-866-856-3733.

For more information about Murder in the Cathdral please go to the following page… http://actpei.ca/pmt_comments.php?id=287_0_1_0_C

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Monday, August 23, 2004

Murder on Location

From Thursday, August 26 through Saturday, August 28, St. Mary�s Church will become the stage for Murder in the Cathedral, the gripping verse drama by T.S. Eliot reenacting the death of Archbishop Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral on December 29, 1170.
Murder in the Cathedral graphic
Written for the Canterbury Festival in 1935, Eliot�s play � arguably the most substantial religious drama of the past century � was soon recognized as a classic and moved into commercial theatres; later it even became a film. But it is still best experienced in a church; in this setting it has been performed all over the world, including at St. Peter’s Cathedral in Charlottetown in 1983.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

List of Productions

Productions are only part of what ACT is about.

Our aim is exposure to all aspects of theatre; performing, managing, crewing, building, producing, directing, writing, selling and attending theatre—other group’s as well as our own. We believe strongly that community theatre is a ‘social’ activity.

Since its inception in March of 1995, ACT has established a reputation for high quality entertainment. In that time, we have presented the community with such shows as:

01 1995 – Our Town;
02 1995 – The Foreigner;
03 1996 – The Crucible;
04 1996 – Noises Off;
05 1996 – A Child’s Garden of Verses;
06 1997 – Great Expectations… (An Evening of One Acts on Love);
07 1997 – HMS Pinafore;
08 1997 – The Nerd;
09 1997 – The Gift of the Magi; / A Violet in the Snow;
10 1998 – 1837: The Farmers Revolt;
11 1998 – Four Cornered Couch;
12 1998 – An Evening of Harold Pinter;
13 1999 – Pirates of Penzance;
14 1999 – Seven Stories;
15 2000 – Julius Caesar;
16 2000 – Mikado
17 2000 – W;t
18 2001 – Dresser (‘scene’ PEI Theatre Festival)
19 2001 – Mousetrap;
20 2001 – Trial by Jury
21 2003 – Gondoliers
22 2002 – American Ghosts (including Poe’s ‘Tell Tale Heart’)
23 2003 – Your Obedient Servant – an evening with Samuel Johnson
24 2004 – Office Hours
25 2004 – Jesus Christ Superstar
26 2005 – Murder in the Cathedral (Indian River Festival)
27 2005 – Lend Me a Tenor
28 2005 – Strike at Putney Church
29 2005 – Christmas Remembered (@ ‘Gift of the Magi’ & ‘The Shepherd’)
30 2006 – The Other Five Per Cent (‘scene’ PEI Theatre Festival)
31 2006 – Deathtrap
32 2006 – The School for Scandal
33 2007 – Noel Coward in Two Keys (Come Into the Garden, Maud / A Song at Twilight)
34 2008 – Waiting for Godot
35 2008 – Jack the Ripper
36 2009 – Blue Castle
37 2009 – Christmas Remembered (@ ‘Gift of the Magi’ & ‘The Shepherd’)
38 2009 – Evita
39 2010 – Rocky Horror Show
40 2011 – At Play in the Dark
41 2011 – Proof
42 2011 – Sweeney Todd
43 2012 – Sure Thing
44 2012 – Relatively Speaking
45 2013 – Macbeth
46 2013 – An Evening of Fairy Tales (Mirror Mirror & Not-so-Grimm Tales)
47 2013 – A Midsummer Night’s Dream
48 2013 – Doubt: a Parable
49 2014 – The Raft (PEI Theatre Festival)
50 2014 – Inherit the Wind
51 2014 – Much Ado About Nothing
52 2014 – Plays in a Day ()
53 2015 – Arcadia (Pre-Procuction)
54 2015 – Our Town 20 (Pre-Production)
55 2015 – Hamlet (Summer)
56 2015 – Of a Certain Age (Lord Byron’s Love Letter, Pretty Trap, The Prompter)

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Sunday, April 04, 2004

General Discussion About JC Superstar

I just wanted to start a thread where people could come in and talk about the show, ask questions, and just basically have a general doscussion about the show itself. I for one am very excited about this production and I know that it is going to be great!

I guess I have a few questions myself about the show. Things like, where can a guy get a copy of the entire musical numbers, does anybody have a copy of the movie itself? How many cast does the show call for? What would get a guy a principal role in the show? (That was a personal question)haha. Just things like that. I am hoping that the right people will find this post and be able to help me out with some of those questions.

Again, I am very excited to be joining act on this adventure, whatever this adventure holds for me. It’s been some time since I have been an active member of ACT and I think it’s only fitting for me to return for a show like this.

George Gibbs

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Thursday, January 08, 2004

American Ghosts final budget


Buzz ads ~$379
Costume rental ~$60
Costume cleaning $38.20
Scripts $ 62.83
Royalties $142.66
Programs and Posters $69.78
Set/Props/Decorating $ 78.93
Refreshments $51

Total: $882.40


Ticket Sales:
October 30 21@ 12 = 252 and 8 @ 10 = 80 for a total of 29 & $332
November 1 17 @ 12 = 204 and 18@ 10 = 180 for a total of 35 & $384
November 1 43 @ 12 = 516 and 33 @ 10 = 330 for a total of 76 & $846

GRAND TOTAL 140 and $1,562 (less taxes - $1,327.10)

Beaconsfield receives $398 (30%)
ACT receives $929 (70%)

Refreshments: ~$145
Final: +$191.60 (not including membership)

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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Update on Murder

Just a note that the production crew is building well, with Jennifer as Producer assisted by Brenda, Sue Urqhart as Stage Manager assisted by Aldera Chisholm (with advice from Wallena), Pam Jewell as Costumer, Greg Hughes as Solicitor for program advertising and sponsorships. Sue Urqhart is also the Executive Director for the Indian River Festival, which neatly takes care of liaison with our co-presenter and with the venue. She says that the church (St. Mary’s, Indian River) can be used for most rehearsals. Also I have been in touch with the director of the recent production in Antigonish, who is a possible source of costumes (has already sent photos), properties, and ideas. Carl and I intend a meeting with her during the winter.

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Thursday, December 04, 2003

JC Superstar Dates Confirmed

Production dates of November 1 - 6 confirmed by Confederation Centre

I received the following information back from James Aylward of the Confederation Centre on December 4th.

I am very sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I am finally able to confirm the Main Stage for you for the first week of November 2004, 1st to the 6th inclusive.

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Friday, November 07, 2003

Welcome to the Murder in the Cathedral Forum!

This is the forum for ACT’s production of Murder in the Cathedral…

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Monday, November 03, 2003

Indian River Festival and ACT to Produce Murder in the Cathedral

Indian River Festival partners with ACT to produce TS Eliot’s ‘Murder in the Cathedral’ in August 2004 and ACT will also produce JC Superstar in November.

The Indian River Festival has decided to partner with ACT to produce Murder in the Cathedral next summer at St. Mary’s Church, any time after their last concert, which is August 22 (leaving one more weekend before Labour Day weekend).  The show will be fully included in their publicity and program as a special feature of this coming summer’s offerings.  Mary Crane, the President, is quite excited by the whole prospect; she is also the choir director at St. Mary’s.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

American Ghosts

ACT will present an Autumn pageant entitled American Ghosts this fall at the Carriage House, Beaconsfield to open its 2003-2004 theatre season.

ACT will present an Autumn pageant entitled American Ghosts this fall at the Carriage House, Beaconsfield to open its 2003-2004 theatre season.

American Ghosts is a collection of dramatic works including stories, poems and songs based on the creations of two prolific Victorian American writers-Edgar Allan Poe and Emily Dickinson. The premise of the show will coincide with its Autumn debut. The readings, songs and short plays all center around the themes of harvest, Halloween and all things foreboding.

Highlights of the show will include a one-act play based on Poe’s Tell-tale Heart, a dramatic reading of his famous story, The Raven, and glimpses of Emily Dickinson tucked away letting loose her imagination. Poems by the authors will be peppered throughout the event. Also, the Indian River Festival Chorus, under the direction of Carl Mathis, will complete this
haunting show with songs based on the poems of the two writers and Victorian settings.

The Carriage House will be fully decorated in Autumn style and seasonal treats will be sold at intermission. Show times are Thursday, October 30 at 7:30pm and Saturday, November 1 at 2:30pm and 7:30pm. Tickets are $12 adults and $10 seniors and students. Tickets may be purchased by calling Beaconsfield Historic House at 368-6603. Seating is limited and ticket
reservations are recommended.

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Sunday, August 25, 2002

Trial by Jury


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Saturday, August 24, 2002

Trial by Jury


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Friday, August 23, 2002

Trial by Jury


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