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Tuesday, March 08, 2011


There has been some modification of the original plans for the March 26th Festival - Have a look ...

Enjoy 5 short plays to celebrate World Theatre Day: comedy and drama in a smorgasbord of styles—home-grown young-people’s fun, edgy romantic fantasy and farce, touching seniors’ life-memories.
Saturday afternoon, March 26th, starting at 1:00 o’clock, at The Carrefour
Refreshments available
Admission by pay-as-you-will donation
Information:   robbie_reddin at

The players and plays:
• Bonshaw Young Players - “The Peddler’s Potion” + “The Well at the End of the World”
• Seniors on Stage - “What’s Next?”
• UPEI Theatre Society - “Close”
• ACT - “The Problem”

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Monday, February 14, 2011


For World Theatre Day 2011 ... Comedy and drama at The Carrefour on March 26th

  100% more!  The 2011 PEI Community Theatre Festival is going to be twice as big as last year’s.
  Last year the Victoria Playhouse was filled to standing-room—and the audience was treated to three diverse plays (as well as mouth-watering cinnamon buns).
  This year The Carrefour will be the venue for 6 short plays, presented in a matinee for some original performances by younger and older groups, and then an evening for a set of more adult-engaging works.
  It’s on Saturday, March 26th—in celebration of the 50th anniversary of World Theatre Day.  That special UNESCO day has been marked with plays, workshops and happenings around the globe for half a century now.  A scan of the web shows events in places like Vancouver, Ghana, Indonesia, New York, Mexico, Argentina, India, Mongolia ... and on Prince Edward Island.
  The Festival is a showcase for true community theatre—a time when for-the-fun-of-it actors get to perform beyond their usual home audience, to rub shoulders and learn from one another and get constructive feedback from adjudicators Marlane O’Brien and Terry Pratt.
  Comedy links almost all of this year’s plays, but they present a grand spectrum of genres and themes: down-home general-store gossip ... humorously touching seniors’ memories ... edgy romantic fantasy and bedroom farce ... even intense drama.  The plays ...
  “I’m Herbert” is one of the quartet of hugely successful plays by Robert Anderson under the over-title “You Know I Can’t Hear You When the Water’s Running”.  The topic is sex, in its various and fascinating manifestations; the treatment is tastefully touching and explosively funny.  Herbert and Muriel, an advanced-age couple, have a rocking-chair reminiscence about their marriages and flings—but the details, including identities, tend to get rather mixed up.  Bill McFadden is the director.
  “The Peddler’s Potion” is an authentically home-grown play.  It was designed by young Abigail and Joseph Simmonds, and then developed with a dozen other children who are the members of Ruth Lacey’s Bonshaw Young Players.  We get comedy with a message: can the village’s feud be cured by a mischievous travelling salesman?  As in Donizetti’s “The Elixir of Love”, what counts is what you believe.
  “Tech No” is another home-grown play—written by Hampton dentist Peter Bevan-Baker and developed as he worked with the drama club at Crapaud’s Englewood school.  Asked what it’s like, Peter says: “It is a comedy/farce with serious dramatic elements ... Have I covered all the bases there?!”  The play looks at the impacts—both positive and negative—that technology has on our lives.
  “That’s Life” is a fascinating project of Ron Irving—the man who created The Venerables—and his ‘Seniors on Stage’ group from the Seniors College.  It is a series of sketches and monologues which the group developed collegially to present experiences and situations which people-who-age encounter.  The scenes make telling points in ways which will cause some good chuckles as well as some more serious food for thought.
  “The Problem” by A. R. Gurney is the entry of ACT (a community theatre), and is directed by Rob Reddin.  It features Marly and Richard Haines as a couple playing psychological games in a wonderfully absurd situation which is triggered by the appearance of a sudden pregnancy.  It’s a sexual-allusion (or sexual-illusion?) comedy which also takes a dandy satiric punch at WASP attitudes toward ‘more exotic’ races.
“Close” is both written and directed by Dylan Riley, and will be staged by his colleagues of the UPEI Theatre Society.  This is an original drama, adapted from the author’s own short story, in which the stale relationship of young Patrick and Michelle is the medium for a look at interpersonal communication.  “The idea of having my own work performed by others,” Dylan Riley says, “is almost dizzying”.
  A fitting observance of World Theatre Day, the PEI Community Theatre Festival is going to be a full day of live, and lively, theatre ... spiced with refreshments and socializing—good fun, indeed.
  It’s at the Carrefour Theatre (accessed via the QEH road).  The matinee of the two young-people groups and the seniors’ troupe starts at 2:00 pm.  The evening curtain for the edgier plays goes up at 7:00 pm.  Admission is by pay-what-you-can donation.  Hearts and Flowers, The Buzz, David Gauthier and ACT (a community theatre) have provided sponsor support.
Information: Rob Reddin 940-0328

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Monday, February 07, 2011

ACT Auditions for “Proof” by David Auburn

ACT (A Community Theatre) will be holding auditions for its May production of the drama “Proof” by David Auburn. The production will be directed by Rob Reddin and co-produced by Rob Reddin and Margaret McEachern.

Auditions will take place from Friday, February 18th to Monday February 21st inclusive, and will be held at the VRC, 81 Prince Street in Charlottetown. Actors interested in auditioning should have a prepared monologue.

Four actors will be required for this production:
Robert - a professor (age 45+)
Catherine - his daughter (age 20-30)
Claire - Catherine’s sister (age 20-35)
Hal - Catherine’s love interest and Robert’s former student (age 20-35)

To book an audition, or if you are interested in working backstage, or for further information, please contact Margaret at
Margaret McEachern
Knit Pickers by Margaret McEachern
51 Westcomb Cr
Charlottetown, PE CANADA C1C 1B7
(902) 626-8284

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Thanks to our audiences.

Hello everyone.
  I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank our audience this past week at the Guild. “At Play In The Dark” was a success on many levels for us. It was a great experience to take these shows to the stage, but all those experiences amount to nothing without you.
  Three nights in a row our expectations were blown out of the water by the people who left their houses in the cold dark January nights to bring their warm laughter and applause to our production.
  Thank you. You made it a pleasure.
  Thanks as well to Sheep-for-Wheat productions for this wonderful partnership, these actors are exactly the sort of people you want to run into in the dark.
  As well Erick, and the rest of the Guild staff, who were wonderful to work with, not only bringing us light to work in, but a supportive and easy going atmosphere that helped bring it all together. (A special nod as well to Kevin for his work backstage too)
  And of course, the actors and directors; Mike Rob and Adam and their actors put in the work to get us there, and to give all of you a show to see.
  Long story short. I appreciate you all. Thank you.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

At Play in the Dark: An evening of Edgy One-Act Plays

In January of 2011 ACT (a community theatre) and Sheep-for-Wheat Productions are kicking the year off with an evening of One Act Plays.

A Play in the Dark, will present audiences with three different one act shows from three different sets of directors and actors, each dealing with mature themes. These shows include;

The Problem by A.R. Gurney, Jr., directed by Rob Reddin, is a candid chat between husband and wife which gives new meaning to “the things we do for love.” Performed by Marly Haines and Richard Haines.

The Other Five Percent by Bryan Goluboff, directed by Adam Gauthier, set on a Manhattan Street late on a Halloween night asks us, �Are people and things really as nice as they seem? Or could they be what your mother always warned you about?� Performed by Greg Chandler, Devin MacKinnon and Bethany Mayne.

The Worker by Walter Wykes, directed by Mike Walker and Stage Managed by Nicole Doiron presents us with an absurdist one act. A young woman finds a companion to help cope with the loneliness she suffers each day while her husband is at work. He is furious when he finds out, and perhaps with good reason as the discovery of such companions may translate to violent results. Performed by Ben Rayner, Rebecca Ford and Peter Grandy, with additional talents provided by Jeff Doherty and Fraser McCallum.

Sheep-for-Wheat Productions is an independent theater company created as an avenue for enthusiastic young adults to perform theatrically on P.E.I. The troupe prides itself on its collaborative approach and collection of local talents dedicated to bringing exciting ideas to the stage. In the past Sheep-for-Wheat Productions has performed Harold Pinter�s The Dumb Waiter, and Eugene Ionesco�s, The Lesson at The Guild in Charlottetown.  Sheep-for-Wheat, collective based, is more about friends coming together and reaching out to the community through mediums which they feel passionately about.

At Play in the Dark performs at The Guild on January 6, 7 and 8 at 7:30 pm. Ticket Price is 12 dollars at the door, or from the Guild Box Office (902)-620-3333. These plays contain language that is inappropriate for younger audiences and deal with Mature Subject Matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Delightful ACT-out

Dinner at Miss Daisy’s ... A Christmas Carol

What a wonderful evening our ACT group had on Friday December 10th 2010.
  First it was dinner at Miss Daisy’s Victorian Tea Room on Summer Street in Summerside.  This is a B&B which has full restaurant service for lunch and dinner, five days a week ... and it’s amazingly reasonable in cost.  The food was great—in the range of offerings, in quality and presentation.  Our group had a variety of tastes: seafood linguine, turkey, prime rib, pad thai and more.  A nice feature: you can bring your own wine and there’s no corkage fee.
  After lemon-meringue pie we reconvened at the Harbourfront Theatre for the musical version of the Dickens classic A Christmas Carol.   This was presented by the Fandango Musical Players, the creation of Shirley Anne Cameron (Artistic Director) and Tanya Bernard (Music Director), both of whom are familiar to ACT folks for their big roles in ACT’s own musical productions.  In fact many of the cast were ‘graduates’ of Evita. What a show—great material, fine quality in costuming, sets, staging, dance, music and the rest.  A timeless story, retold in a very moving (and often fun!) way.
  This was a dandy reminder of the good experiences which ACT-out can give us.  Thanks to Margaret MacEachern and Sophia Wong for making it happen.  Nice goin’!!

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Monday, November 15, 2010

ACT - out


Come celebrate the Christmas season!  A festive ACT-Out evening is planned for Friday, December 10th.


The evening will start at 6:30 p.m. with great conversation and food at five eleven west at Credit Union Place, 511 Notre Dame St in Summerside.  From there, well be heading to the Harbourfront Jubilee Theatre to enjoy the Fandango Musical Players production of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.


Theatre tickets are $25.00 pp and can be ordered by phone at (902) 888-2500 or (800) 7080-6505, or online at  Dont be disappointed order your tickets ASAP!


If you plan to join us for pre-theatre dinner, please contact Margaret McEachern at by December 2nd.  She will be making a group reservation.


If anyone is interested in carpooling from the Charlottetown area, please let Margaret know by e-mail by December 2nd.  We will arrange a meeting time and location.


Merry Christmas and Bah, humbug to everyone!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


  PEI’s Community Theatre Festival is coming back.  Planning is already under way for the weekend of March 25/26th 2011, and the Festival folks are now inviting amateur theatre groups to participate.

  Last March it was standing-room-only at the Victoria Playhouse as community-theatre troupes put on an evening of short plays to observe World Theatre Day.  Besides the 30 or so players and back-stagers, 175 people packed the cozy theatre.  Adjudicator Wade Lynch gave helpful appraisals of the plays and presented awards.  The Bonshaw Women’s Institute served up cinnamon rolls and other delectables.  It was a grand time!  (You can see the photos by clicking on ‘Gallery’ at the top-right of this home page and choosing ‘Community Theatre Festival 2010’)
  The Community Theatre Festival is an evening or set of evenings in late March when short plays or excerpts get presented by the Island’s amateur theatre groups.  The 2011 Festival will be a celebration of the 50th annual celebration of UNESCO’s World Theatre Day.  The Island Festival is a showcase for true community theatre—a chance for scores of amateur actors and off-stage production volunteers to perform beyond their usual home audience, to rub shoulders with and learn from one another and get constructive feedback.
  The organizing committee is recruiting groups to contribute a play to the Festival.  This is for any group—big or small, young or old—which does theatre in an amateur (not-for-profit, for-the-fun-of-it) way.
  Short plays or excerpts (40 minutes maximum) are what’s wanted, plays of any type—comedy, serious drama, avant-garde, whatever.  There is no pre-screening to assess appropriateness, although a group should be conscious of potential offensiveness. (Even so, it may be possible to have a special performance evening for more ‘mature’ or ‘cutting-edge’ plays).  Choice of play could be affected by technical limitations of the performance space and the limited set-up time between plays.  Location and arrangement of the plays will depend on numbers and nature of the pieces, but a performance evening will probably have 3 plays, with a 10-or 15-minute set-up gap between them.
  Each participating group is responsible for all aspects of its play—rights, costumes, props, light/sound design, special effects, transportation, etc., but there is no charge for taking part.  A technician will be provided for each evening, with whom the player-group can make specific plans.  Each group will be offered (if it’s wanted) directorial/production advice by a visiting mentor, and there will likely be a general-purpose workshop for all during the preparation period.
  An experienced adjudicator will give constructive feedback, and there will be awards to recognize achievements.
  An interested theatre group should express its intent before December 15th, and confirm participation by January 15th.  Contact can be made with any one of the Festival organizing committee:
  • Rob Reddin robbie_reddin @
  • Ruth Lacey 675-4282
  • Rob Thomson robthomson @ 628-6778

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Monday, September 13, 2010


Here’s your chance to do that play you’ve been wanting to see on stage ...

Hello everyone.
ACT has decided to pull together an evening of one-act plays for later this fall (the date is under consideration by a small committee right now). As such we are looking out to the membership for people interested in throwing their lot in as a director to one of these shows.
An interested director would need to have a one act show to propose, and hopefully another person or two interested in helping them produce and/or Stage manage their production.
So give it some thought, and if you’re interested, let me know at richard.haines @

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Monday, August 02, 2010

Community Theatre Appreciation Award 2010

Terry Pratt - honoured for many contributions to PEI theatre

At ACT’s Annual General Meeting on August 1, 2010, President Richard Haines presented the Community Theatre Appreciation Award to Terry Pratt.  For a photo, click on Gallery (top-right of this page) and choose ‘Award’.  Here’s what was said about ACT’s honouring Terry:

  From time to time during its history, ACT has given an award – call it ‘the community theatre appreciation award.’  We like to recognize a person or an organization who has made a major contribution to the life of community theatre on PEI.
  Sometimes it was an individual – for example, David Sherren who organized and directed Charlottetown Rural’s musicals, the Confederation Centre’s community Christmastime productions, and a number of ACT’s own productions in our early years ... and Mae Ames for all her work in various drama groups and her classes for youngsters.  Sometimes it has been an organization – for example, the Confederation Centre, The Buzz, and The Guardian – all of which played such a strong and on-going part in promoting amateur theatre.
The recipients are people who have done good things in several ways or fields or areas ... helping a number of theatre groups, with direct and ripple effects for lots of people in amateur theatre ... contributing again and again over the years.
Terry Pratt has done this—hugely.
• He has directed so many productions of various kinds, involving so many actors, singers, students, production people – at UPEI and with ACT.
  Think just of his major ACT productions: The School for Scandal, The Gondoliers, The Mikado, The Pirates of Penzance, HMS Pinafore, Trial by Jury, Murder in the Cathedral.
• He led in taking ACT to a higher step with the G&S productions at the Confed Centre.
• He was imaginative and collaborative enough to reach out to do joint productions in fresh locations – Summerside Court House, Indian River, Beaconsfield.
• In administrative or organizational ways he has been a leader – as board member, president, treasurer, set construction – not just in ACT but in other theatre enterprises: UPEI, Theatre PEI, Community Theatre Festival, Victoria Playhouse.
• And he has been so generous in donations to theatre enterprises (such as to the Victoria Playhouse), and outstandingly, buying and maintaining a building for ACT’s use.
Community theatre on PEI would not be what it has been without Terry Pratt.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

ACT Annual General Meeting

Hello everyone,
  The time is once more upon us to gather, to review a year’s business and reaquaint with all our friends. This year on August 1, the ACT AGM will be hosted (most generously) by Terry and Jennifer.
  The AGM is open to all of it’s members past and present, so don’t be shy to come out and join us. We will be meeting at 5 pm, and beginning the formal meeting itself by 6 pm. Following the meeting we’ll enjoy a potluck dinner. People should also bring a lawnchair or two if they have them for outdoor meeting and dining. (BYOB too!)
  Terry and Jennifer’s home is at 932 Peters Road, route 244 in Elmwood. Take TransCanada to New Haven; turn north on hwy 9, the Colville Road; take (after about two kilometres) the first left, the Wynne Road; take it to the end, which is the Peters Road; turn right and proceed about a kilometre.  Our house is on the right, set back behind a lot of trees.  If you come to a potato warehouse on the right, or a crossroad, you have come too far.
  I hope to see you all there! Take care, Richard.

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Friday, April 30, 2010


Passing on this request for narration for a dance presentation ...

Call for volunteer talent:
Dance Stars Academy is looking for narrator for the recital show.
Show split in two parts: Swan Lake (Ballet) and Hairspray (Jazz, Musical). Total of 13-15 acts. Recital is by children and for children age 3-10yrs.
We are looking for someone who has an experience in story telling for children.
Location: Stratford Town Hall
Dates: full dress rehearsal: May 21, 5-7pm; recital: May 22, 5-7pm
Please contact us via email: info @
Thank you,
Maria Brychuk

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Monday, April 19, 2010

“Willy Wonka” The Musical on the Confederation Centre’s Mainstage

Roald Dahl’s WILLY WONKA
Lyrics and Music by Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley
Adapted for the Stage by Tim McDonald & Leslie Bricusse
Based on the Book Charlie and The Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl
Director: Richard Haines
Music Director: Mark Parsons
Producer: Edwin Hughes
Choreographer: Julia Sauv
Vocal Coach: Julain Molnar

EVENING PERFORMANCES: May 6, 7, and 8 @ 8:00 PM
TICKET PRICES:$14 @ the door

Roald Dahl’s timeless story of the world-famous candy man and his quest to find an heir comes to life in this stage adaptation of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. This version also features songs from the classic family film Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory starring Gene Wilder which received an Academy Award nomination in 1971 for Best Original Score.
The play opens somewhere in the bowels of Willy Wonka’s fabulous chocolate factory. Wonka, a famous, eccentric, mercurial, whimsical and occasionally sinister candy wizard, welcomes us into his world with the hit APure Imagination@. Wonka summons his Oompa-Loompa servants for an important announcement: he is planning to retire, and the time has come to choose his successor.
Wonka, acting as narrator, introduces us to the impoverished Bucket family: Mr. And Mrs. Bucket, their young son Charlie, and Charlie’s four bedridden grandparents. A group of children gather outside Charlie’s house, each clutching a nickel to buy a Wonka bar from the local Candy Man. The Candy Man entices his customers with the charming hit “The Candy Man” and reminds them that Wonka always mixes it with love and makes the world taste good.
Charlie is the only child too poor to buy any candy, but the Candy Man treats him to a lollipop and a copy of yesterday’s newspaper. Charlie takes the paper home, and the Buckets learn from it that Wonka has announced a contest: five lucky children will receive a tour of his world-famous factory, and receive a lifetime supply of Wonka chocolate. Five Golden Tickets have been hidden among fifty million ordinary candy bars, and the finders of these tickets will win the tour and the chocolate.
The first ticket is found by Augustus Gloop, an obese, gluttonous child from Frankfurt, Germany. The second Ticket is found in Sao Paulo, Brazil, by an extremely spoiled girl named Veruca Salt. The third Ticket is found in Snellville, Georgia by Violet Beauregard, an abrasive girl who is constantly chewing gum. The fourth Ticket is found in Television City, California by Mike Teavee, a boy who seems more interested in television, video games and cell phones than touring Wonka’s factory. Poor Charlie can barely afford a single Wonka bar. What hope does he have of getting the fifth Ticket? Who will Willy Wonka choose as his heir and successor? Join us and see how this timeless story unfolds.

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Concert for HD Awareness at The Guild

Most of you are already aware that my brother Peter has HD. The PEI Chapter of the Huntington Society of Canada is holding a fund raiser and awareness concert at The Guild April 18/10 at 3pm. See attached for details and see this web site for added info:

Huntington disease (HD) is an inherited brain disorder whereby cells in specific parts of the brain die. It is a genetic disorder that affects about one in every 10,000 Canadians. The defective gene was discovered in 1993 and human drug trials are, for the first time, being launched in 2010.

If you would like to hear what Peter sounded like back in the 70s, listen to this recording of California Lady

Hope to see you on the 18th.

- Gerry

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Liverpool International Theatre Festival’s Special Christmas Offer

Liverpool, Nova Scotia. November 30, 2009

From May 19-23, 2010, the community of Liverpool, Nova Scotia will once again shine a spotlight on some of the world’s best theatrical performers at the Liverpool International Theatre Festival (LITF).  Held at Liverpool’s famed Astor Theatre, the biennial festival is celebrating its tenth Anniversary with more entertainment than ever before.  To mark the occasion, LITF is also offering a special Christmas ticket package as a thank-you to audience members.

In addition to the usual line-up of outstanding amateur theatre performers, LITF 2010 will feature activities for youth to enjoy, fantastic nightly entertainment, and the return of some of our audiences’ favourite troupes from past festivals.  Several other special events and guest appearances are also planned.

On stage, the 2010 festival will see the return of the Teochew Drama Association from Singapore, who wowed audiences with their performances in 2000 and 2006; and Blackwood Little Theatre from Wales, who appeared at LITF 2008.  Artistic Director Chris Heide has also accepted applications from Italy, France, Finland, the United States and the Faroe Islands. And, of course, the festival will host the best amateur theatre troupes from across Nova Scotia.  While the exact line-up hasn’t been finalized yet, it’s definitely going to be an exciting blend of international and local theatre.

Audience members will be able to mix and mingle with the theatre troupes at the Festival Club between and after plays, and join in critical discussions with playwrights, directors, and performers at the daily Coffee Critiques. Attendees can also learn more about theatre craft by attending special Workshops.

For complete information, click on “Read Full Article>>>” below.

Read Full Article >>>

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