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Workshops Planned for Liverpool International Theatre Festival


The upcoming Liverpool International Theatre Festival will feature six outstanding theatre workshops at its tenth biennial event, being held in Liverpool, Nova Scotia from May 19 – 23, 2010.  Hosted at the Best Western Liverpool hotel, these workshops will give attendees a chance to learn first-hand about various aspects of theatre craft. 

Although the workshops primarily cater to people involved in theatre, the public at large are invited to attend the workshops for a rare peek at what goes on behind the scenes.  All workshops are free admission for all.  The following workshops are offered at this year’s festival:

• Theatre Safety 101, with Jim Chalmers-Gow – Guns, swords, flying performers, moving set pieces, drawbridges, water and fire….actors are asked to do it all, and this workshop focuses on how to keep everyone safe.  A primer for technical directors, directors, actors, playwrights and the playgoer in general.  Jim Chalmers-Gow has been the Technical Director for the theatre program at Memorial University’s Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, for the last 13 years.

• Physical Acting & Transformations, with Roger Ellis – Based on the work of Mikhail Chekhov’s “physical centers”, the commedia approaches of Carlo Mazzone-Clementi, and ritual theatre improvisations of James Roose-Evans, participants will explore physical and vocal characterization through movement and improvisation.  The workshop will sharpen the actor’s control of different physical centers and awaken character-building skills by leading participants into character transformations dictated by changing dramatic situations.  Roger Ellis is an actor, acting coach and director who has worked in theatre, feature film and video presentations in California and the Midwest United States. 

• Improv, with Natasha MacLellan – Improv is an excellent way for actors to hone and learn to trust their instincts.  Through a series of games which focus on spontaneity and improvisation, participants in this workshop will learn how to be fully present on stage, how not to anticipate what their scene partners will say next, and how to move a scene along.  Natasha MacLellan is an actor, playwright and director who has performed on stages across Canada.

• Spatial Awareness, with Jeff Walker – Spatial awareness is an organized sense of the body’s position in space and the objects around it.  Without spatial awareness, humans could not read, toss someone a ball, nor act upon the stage.  In this active workshop, participants will practice movements that help improve spatial awareness and gain an understanding of how bodies move in space.  The goal is to create an awareness of ourselves and the message we convey to audiences.  Jeff Walker is a graduate of the National Ballet School (1986) and has worked for various theatre and dance companies in Europe and Canada.

• Subtext in Hamlet’s Soliloquies, with Edmund MacLean – Hamlet’s famous “To be or not to be” soliloquy is one of the most famous in English literature, and its possible meanings have been more widely interpreted than any of Shakespeare’s other soliloquies.  By exploring the subtext, presenting it with your interpretation, and viewing the interpretations offered by three famous film actors, participants will (unlike a procrastinating Hamlet) decide which interpretation is best.  Or perhaps a new question may arise!  Edmund MacLean is an award winning director with over twenty years of professional theatre experience.

• Workshop in Design for Amateur Theatre, with Rick Gilbert – This workshop will explore some of the basic elements and methodology of set design.  Examples of practical applications for amateur theatre are displayed and explained.  The use of low-cost alternatives will be explored as well.  An opportunity for some “hands-on” experimenting and innovation will provide an enjoyable and instructional session for participants.  Rick Gilbert is president of the Winds of Change theatre group and has been working on set and costume design and construction for the past ten years.

Immerse yourself in theatre at LITF 2010.  See a play, attend a critique, challenge yourself at one of our workshops.

Visit our website at for more information about the festival.  Subscription packages are now available through the Astor Theatre box office, by phone at (902) 354-5250, or online at  Individual tickets go on sale soon.


Media inquiries may be directed to: Beth George, LITF Marketing Director, Phone: (902) 356-2670

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