Monday, October 25, 2004

Wine and Elephants



A mainlander by birth, an Islander by choice, John D. lives in what he believes to be one of the most beautiful places on the Island, St. Peters Bay. A high school counsellor at Morell High, John D. admits he would rather be a vagabond. He has been involved in numerous dramatic roles in the past, but JCS is his first musical. He saw the original onstage in London back in 1977, and traditionally listens to the soundtrack every Good Friday.

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Happily married with two boys who already know Herods Song, John D. is happy to be part of such an exciting adventure, though its only the beginning for this free-spirited wanderer, who will travel the world with his family next year, So we can ride an elephant and drink wine on Tuesdays! As opening night nears John D. admits, Im praying I dont drop the cane!

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