Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Warehouse Committee Meeting

The ad hoc warehouse committee met last Thursday, and also telephonically thereafter, and here in brief are the plans:

The ad hoc warehouse committee met last Thursday, and also telephonically thereafter, and here in brief are the plans:

1. Beach House housewarming to be held Sun eve, Feb 29, 7-11 pm, a great leap forward.  Cabaret style with borrowed or rented round tables plus chairs in the central room, some entertainment (keyboard, etc), byob and goodies, etc.  Costumes optional: come as your most-loved ACT role, or prop piece, or piece of furniture, or set design—past, present, or future.

The neighbours on Beach Street will be invited also, via flyers in their mailboxes.

2. Crew (Terry, Ben, Andrew, Woody—AND ANYONE ELSE WHO WOULD LIKE TO COME) to gut central room and clean it on Saturday, Jan 17, beginning at 10.  Bring buckets, cloths, Mr. Clean, vacuums, crowbars, etc. 

3. Murielle and a painting crew to move in on Sunday, Jan 18 (providing the previous crew can get it fully ready), to paint walls, ceiling, and floor.  Ditto for the front room (and I presume the bathroom and its adjacent room).

4. Ben will come up with softer lighting for the front room, and fuller lighting for the central room, and advise Terry re purchase.

5. With advice from Murielle and Ben, Terry will acquire furniture for the front room, such that meetings of various sizes can be held there.  Also a small fridge and microwave and fire extinguisher and a plant or two.

6. Gerry will consult Doug Mills or others for advice re storing set pieces in the back room in the most efficient way.  That done, he will advise Terry which pieces to get from Chtown Rural (with presumed help from the other red truck), leaving as much there as we can.  We think the back storage room will fill up fast.

7. The committee, which also had some input from Wallena and Barb, is strongly of the opinion that there will be NO room for other groups to have storage space there.  This is partly because the central room, while still basically held for construction purposes, and still using the shelving on the north wall, will be kept empty so that it can have a multi-purpose capability, including e.g. some rehearsals, larger meetings, etc.  The windows of this room will be covered with sound proofing and painted over.

Dr. Terry Pratt

Department of English

University of Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown, PEI, C1A 4P3, Canada

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