Thursday, October 14, 2004

Villains have more fun!



This is Marieve’s last year on P.E.I., and taking a role in “JCS” is her last chance to be part of an Island production before pursuing film studies in Toronto and Marieve adds… “I really just wanted to play a leper.” smile

Can you guess what vegetable Marieve prefers? Here’s a hint…just like Marieve, they can be sweet…and they’re hard to keep track of when they’re rolling all over the place! Click on “more” to find out if you’re right!


A fourth-year student at UPEI majoring in English studies with a minor in sociology, Marieve has completed many theatre courses and is President of the Theatre Society. She started an improvisational group which has since branched off into 4 Skit’s Sake; she’s also staged biannual variety shows, and she attempts to get people into as many TheatrePEI workshops as possible. She is currently attempting a very ambitious project – staging Marlowe’s “Doctor Faustus” just two weeks after JCS opens!

A dancer and choreographer, Marieve substitutes in the odd dance class, and keeps busy writing her honours thesis (a play) under Ron Irving.

“And I like peas,” Marieve adds, “Peas are great.”

“What will my JCS cast and crewmates remember me for?” Marieve ponders. “Um…babysitting?” Naw, the rock kids are great, (Lucas, you da MAN! Da rest o you iz da wyman!) and I likes to hang out with them. Though I’d like to be remembered for being early (which I always am, but usually people don’t remember you unless you’re late) or being crazy (this is a big bunch of crazies to compete against). Let’s just say I’ll be remembered for my enthusiasm when I was told I get to flog Jesus (while all others cringed.) Hey! Villains have more fun! This is my moment of villainism. Deal with it!”

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