Friday, October 14, 2005

Ticket perks for ACT people:

Our policies about special arrangements for tickets for people involved in the show and for the general ACT membership are set out in the ACT constitution. There are two kinds of perk.

1) Person who are actively involved in the show—i.e. cast, production staff and key helpers—are entitled to one comp ticket for the opening show.

We encourage those folks to use the privilege with targeted discretion trying to introduce someone who might otherwise not come to the pleasure of the theatre

2) Any member of ACT can purchase tickets (customary limit has been 2) at a discount of $2 less than the normal price.


Normal use of comp tickets three purposes:

a) incentive to advertisers - a comp, with the hope they’ll buy one for a companion

b) promos - give-away on CBC and the three Island Radio stations

c) token reward for people who have made a significant contribution of a service to the production, usually a commercial sort of service that we would otherwise have to pay for. For example: persons who provided music, graphic designer, donator of furniture

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