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Youth Summer Drama Camp - Kentville NS

CentreStage Theatre in Kentville NS will be hosting a youth drama camp under the very capable leadership of Cynthia Myers, Chester (http://www.cynthia-myers.com). For more information or registration forms, please email jchurchill @ ns.sympatico.ca. 
Week of August 3: Ages 6-11
STAR SEARCH: The greatest talent contest in the Universe! Queen Andromeda of the Andromeda galaxy is bored, her assistant Sirius decides they should host a talent contest. When the word gets out in the solar system; Venus, Mars; The Meteorites and The Pleiades all arrive to compete to be the brightest star in the universe! And the winner is….?!?
This week long camp will focus on teamwork, choreography, singing and basic theater etiquette. The actors will receive a script and CD of Cynthia Myer’s original musical Star Search. Every actor will audition, every actor will be given a part and together the ensemble will perform on Saturday August 8th at 2pm.
August 3-7th Performance Aug 8th at 2pm
Monday to Friday 9-3pm
Class limited to 25
Week of August 10: Ages 12-17
Who’s Right: Whose Rite?!
We all have rights, but what happens when someone from 2009 is plopped into Biblical times, the turn of the century, or outer space?
Find out what really happens when you’re overdue with library books, and you get sent into the story you’re reading!
This week long camp will focus on acting technique and basic theater etiquette. Actors will learn choreography; how to work with sets, props, costumes and character development. All actors will audition, receive a CD and script and work together and an ensemble in performance Saturday Aug 15th at 2pm.
Actors age 12-18
August 10-14th performance Saturday August 15th at 2pm
Monday to Friday, 9-3pm
Class limited to 25
If you have any questions, or would like further information please contact us at centrestage @ centrestagetheatre.ca or phone 678-3502 and leave a message. CentreStage Theatre is located at 61 River Street, Kentville, near the police station.

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