Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The River Theatre presents “Lily and Lorne” in New Glasgow, PEI

Love, passion and understanding…a romantic comedy sure to warm your heart!

The River Theatre opened on July 7 with an original play �Lily & Lorne� written by Kyle MacDougall. He and Holly Green will be performing this comedic love story about a young couple. Kyle�s inspiration for the play�s characters, Lily and Lorne, is based on Holly and himself: Lily being more the brains and talent of the couple, and Lorne mistakenly thinking he wears the pants in the relationship.

The one important trait Lily & Lorne share is they are both exceptionally passionate about whatever they decide to do in their lives which sometimes gets them in trouble. When they realize that they are completely different from each other, they begin to question their relationship. Lily reveals a long kept secret desire and Lorne becomes paranoid thinking there is a conspiracy in New Glasgow. Their journeys take them to hilarious situations. With some affection, some deception and plain ole absurdity it will make you laugh and cry at the same time! This is a comedy that will appeal to all ages.

Holly Greene was born and raised in Montreal. After studying theatre at Dawson College’s Dome Theatre, and McGill University’s Drama Program she went on to direct and perform in various productions in Montreal, including the renowned Infinite Theatre’s �The Contract� at the Montreal Fringe Festival. She recently returned from Cape Canaveral, FL, where she performed at the Kennedy Space Center for over a year. Kyle MacDougall’s family has been in Prince Edward Island for many generations. He had been playing music in the club scene before taking an interest in the theatre.After college, Kyle went on to do various stage performances, film and television appearances. In 2001 Holly and Kyle met in theatre school in Montreal and started working with each other right away at school, comedy clubs and library halls. “We make a great team. We fill each other’s gaps.” says Kyle.

The River Theatre is an enclosed amphitheatre on the property of the Prince Edward Island Preserve Company, in the scenic village of New Glasgow, PEI.

The play runs July 7 to August 20 on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings (excluding July 16). All shows begin at 8:00pm. Theatre goers may want to round out their evening by enjoying a meal at the restaurant or outdoor BBQ before the show. The tickets are $12.50/adult; $9/child 12yrs and under. For information and reservations call 964-4300.

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