Monday, April 22, 2019

The Jury Foreman

Pamela Rowe talks about her role in 12 Angry Women

   It took me a while to build a character for the foreman(which I think it would have been called in the 50’s). I decided that in a big city there would be at least one Jewish person and I gave her an appropriate accent so I believe that adds a bit of interest and humour to the character plus it gives me something more to work with. The prejudices that we experience in the play are sadly as relevant today as they were in the plays time frame. I hope the play allows us to think about our attitudes and the ease at which we aquiesce to group mentality.
  Since returning to the island I have participated in a play read and taught a course at the National Theatre School. Drama Festival at Watermark Theatre. I have been fortunate  since I am also a registered nurse to work part time allowing me to to have been a member of the Vancouver Bach Choir, take a pre-professional training year with Neptune Theatre, and be involved in theatre both in Nova Scotia and Vancouver. Before heading west I spent a summer doing three shows here at Victoria Playhouse. 
My husband and I bought, moved, and renovated a large one room schoolhouse where we now live with our dog Radar in Brackley Beach.

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