Monday, December 20, 2004

Superstar - The Making Of…


Each year ISN hosts a (historicaly well attended) reception on the first Friday in January which falls on the 7th or later. This year Jan 7 is a Friday so the reception will be that day.

In past years this reception has been characterized by the confluence of unlikely people—I say that meaning largish groups who rarely get to see each other have a common connection to ISN. In the past the Premier, MLAs, senior government officials, the unemployed, stock-car racing teams, oodles of members of the I.T. community, and a host of social organizations and NGOs have come out. It always surprises me and gives me hope for the coming year. Truly ISNs annual reception has far more to do with who comes than who’s hosting (in fact many never know what’s going on, they simply come with friends).

We put it all on; open bar, eats, and (we take these things seriously) taxis for anyone who asks (we post signs to remind them to ask).

For several weeks I’ve been considering the idea of presenting (the whole) “Making Of Superstar” slide-show at that event and sending out a special invitation, not only to Superstar folk, but to anyone holding an ACT card.  (Eespecially since our last attempt was cut short by poor battery-life estimates on my part.)

If there was an expression of interest from the cast / crew of Superstar I would extend said welcome to all and make arrangements for their numbers to be accomodated along with our regular reception. Since I consider you the spiritual leader of ACT, I thought it might be something you could circulate and gauge the interest level.

Rowena has graciously given permission for the inclusion of her photos of the dress rehersal and so I will include those where I have gaps or where they are clearly better photos to show what we’ve been doing. Also, any digital photos I recieve by email (this addr) before the 25th would be given favourable consideration and proper credit to the author should I include those as well.

I would consider a positive response from 25 people to be sufficient for me to proceed with the show and I realize the time is short for gauging that but email is a wonderful thing isn’t it, and can accomplish these things quickly.

Typically ISN’s reception starts at 4pm and goes to 7:30pm, if I do the slide show it will start at 6pm and run (I’m guessing) about 20 minutes.

Could you help me find out if there is interest for this?


PS: The date and time are fixed (as above), Jan 7, 4pm - 7:30pm, but the location is not firm. At this point it seems hosting it at the Kier Gallery seems likely—central location with which everyone’s familiar.

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