Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Set / Costume Design

I spoke with Anne Putnam this morning. It turns out that she trained in design but hasn’t had much opportunity to use it. She was very interested, but wanted to have time to think about it. She wants to listen to the show and get together with Allie. She understands that Allie is in ‘Wiz’ mode but would like some time to talk with him. I told her I would set it up. It needs to be before Feb 15 as she is heading off to stage manage for Theatre New Brunswich.

I confirmed with her that we couldn’t offer her any money. She said she thought we occasionally paid honourariums to Directors etc. I told her that, to date, no director had ever been given an honourarium and that the principle was based on if we ask someone to do something that is they normally do (ie Paul / Lighting, Julia / Choreography) then we can justify the honourarium. She said she understood and appreciated the opportunity to do something she normally wouldn’t get a chance to do.

She wanted to know if we were asking her to design the costumes as well. I said I knew we had a wardrobe team in place but wasn’t sure if they already had a costume designere.

So it looks like Superstar has its designer!

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