Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Proof That Our Favourite High School Teachers Keep Inspiring Us For Years To Come!


Annette Campbell �  Woman, Seller, and Soul Girl named �Lilith�

An Islander born and bred, Annette originally hails from York, P.E.I. She has a Bachelor of Music from UPEI and a Master of Arts in Musicology from McGill University.  After finishing her degree at McGill, she moved to Ottawa to work as a music program officer with the Canada Council for the Arts, eventually moving back to the Island to work as Administrative Coordinator with the Arts Netlantic research project at UPEI.  Annette currently teaches music privately, and acts as a grant consultant for various clients.  She is also Chair of the PEI Council of the Arts.

What does Annette’s former high school band teacher have in common with JCS Director Allie McCrady? Click on “more” to find out!

Annette Campbell

Annette�s first theatrical experiences were in school productions - plays like the musical �Calamity Jane� and �Twelve Angry Jurors� � �Yes,� Annette admits, �We changed the title from Twelve Angry Men, for obvious reasons!�  She had the opportunity to see theatre life from a different angle when she played in the pit for the CRHS production of �Grease� and Triple Threats� production of �The Sound of Music�.  She has also been quite involved with community productions, namely the York Community Concerts �A Night to Remember� and �Down Memory Lane�.  Most recently she played the role of �Marg Osborne� in �Don Messer and the Early Days�, which toured briefly in the Maritimes.

The two things that prompted Annette to get involved with this production were the musical itself and Allie McCrady.  When she first saw the ad about auditions for �Jesus Christ Superstar�, Annette thought, �Now that takes a lot of guts!�  She knew that it was a challenging work both musically and theatrically, and she admired ACT for taking on such an endeavour.  Then she noticed that Allie was the director, and she knew she wanted to be involved.  �Mr. McCrady� was Annette�s high school band teacher, and she knew that he would do the work justice or die trying!  �Seriously,� Annette adds, �Allie is one of the most dedicated professionals I have ever encountered and I jumped at the chance to work with him again!�

When it�s all over, Annette hopes her fellow cast and crew will remember her as �someone who took things seriously, yet still managed to have a lot of fun!�

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