Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Production Coordination Meeting

February 16, 2004

Present:  Monique, Ben, Terry, Carl, Gerry, Brenda, Jennifer (chair)


Regarding Office Hours, Murder in the Cathedral, and Jesus Christ Superstar:

1. Publicity for Auditions and Ongoing Promotion
• Ad in March will mention auditions for all 3 shows
• April Buzz will have feature story on MIC
• May Buzz will have OH feature and JCS auditions

• Audition information sheet will mention all shows.
• Upcoming shows will be mentioned in all programs
• Jennifer will see what is possible re ad for Theatre Festival program
• Brenda will look into ad for MIC and JCS in Victoria program

2. Rehearsal Schedule
• OH will rehearse on Wednesday and Sunday evenings
• MIC will rehearse Tuesday and Thursday evenings and one day on weekend
• B and G will ask Allie what he prefers for summer rehearsals for JCS leads

3. Use of Beach House
• OH will rehearse from end of March
• Space will be considered for JCS rehearsals
• JCS set will be constructed in the fall.

4. All agreed that, at any given point, the next show “up” will be given priority.  Ongoing coordination will be the key.

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