Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Online Arts “Discussion Forums”

Dear Members of the Arts and Culture Communities,

Since my arrival at the PEI Council of the Arts I have been impressed with the discussions taking place around various issues of great importance, as well as the topics of importance to the various disciplines.

However, the email versions of these conversations are often limited to the individual participants, and it can become a chore to try to disseminate all the information to all the correct parties.

To that end, I have added to our web site (as part of an ongoing redesign) an online, and public, “Discussion Forums” section.

Each of you have the opportunity to register, and contribute with ideas, concerns, tips, opportunities, postings etc. It is a tool and a resource for the entire arts community. With time, and participation, it can become a valuable storehouse of information as it is also searchable. At this time, the forum is un-moderated, in other words, nobody will read or edit your post before it appears.

I invite you all to visit the forums, you’ll see that some have already registered and made some posts. Please feel welcome to do so yourselves. We welcome additional suggestions on topics or categories, and you may write to me at any time with comments or concerns.

To visit the forums, please see:


- from PEI Arts Council

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