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National Theatre School One Month Curtain Call!

Only 30 days left to apply to the “National Theatre School of Canada”

Only 30 days left to apply to the “National Theatre School of Canada”
The National Theatre School has made its mark as one of the few conservatory-type institutions in the world that unite all the theatre disciplines under one roof. Located in Montreal, the NTS offers training in set and costume design, technical production, playwriting, directing and acting, in both English and French.

The deadline to apply to the NTS for the 2005 ? 2006 School year is less than one month


February 15, 2005

Auditions for the Acting Program will take place in Charlottetown on March 11th

Renowned NTS Alumni

The NTS has formed close to 1,500 theatre and performing arts professionals. Graduates have made an impact in companies such as the Citadel Theatre, the Stratford Festival, CanStage, the National Arts Centre, the Shaw Festival, Manitoba Theatre Centre and the Cirque du Soleil.

You will also find NTS graduates on just about every Canadian stage, television and/or film production. They direct theatres, they work behind the scenes, they are: Dominic Champagne, Henry Czerny, Roy Dupuis, Sylvie Drapeau, Ted Dykstra, Colm Feore, Carole Fr飨ette, Michelle Girouard, Luba Goy, Louise Guinand, Martha Henry, Eda Holmes, Diana Leblanc, Ann-Marie MacDonald, Peggy Mahon, Wajdi Mouawad, Sandra Oh, Nancy Palk and Kenneth Welsh to name just a few.

NTS graduates were also among the recent winners at the 2004 Gemini Awards: Catherine Disher (Acting, 1985) for Snakes and Ladders; Diane D’Aquila (Acting, 1972) for Elizabeth Rex; and Ted Dykstra (Acting, 1984) for Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion. Other graduates who received nominations include: Waneta Storms (Acting, 1993) for The Eleventh Hour; Michael Riley (Acting, 1984) for This is Wonderland; Cara Pifko (Acting,

1998) for Human Cargo; and Peter Oldring (Acting, 1996) for The Joe Blow Show.

About the NTS and its English-language programs Artistic Director: Sherry Bie

Acting (3-years, full-time)

Discover, grow and train in a fertile and creative atmosphere of collegiality. Garner a solid classical training with a fine sense of contemporary and alternative theatre.

Playwriting (3-years, full-time)

Analyze, write and create in an alive and expressive environment. Bring your words to the stage. The Program?s new Coordinator, Brian Drader, is accomplished actor, writer, dramaturge and artistic administrator who has been working with young playwrights for the past 13 years as both facilitator and dramaturge for the Young Emerging Playwrights Program (YEPP) and Playblitz (Prairie Theatre Exchange). He has written a number of plays, including PROK, which was nominated last year for a Governor General?s Award, a Lambda Literary Award and the McNally Robinson Book of the Year.

Directing (2-years, full-time)

Collaborate with and inspire actors, writers, designers and technicians devoted to the art of making theatre. This program is offered every two years and applications are being accepted this year.

Set and Costume Design (3 years, full-time) Express, deepen and master the timeless art of transformation. Learn through experimentation in your own personal workspace equipped with drawing table and perfect the techniques and skills necessary to work in professional theatre, dance, cinema and other performing arts. A rich multicultural environment in a bilingual setting. Program

Director: Dani謥 L鶥sque

Technical Production (3-years, full-time) with a Specialization in Lighting (1-year, full-time, coordinated by Spike Lyne) Immerse yourself, broaden your horizons and communicate your skills in a stimulating environment complete with up-to-date technology and professional equipment. The goal is to form creative leaders in the technical and managerial fields of theatre. Graduates go on to active careers in production, management, technical direction, stage management, and sound or lighting design. Program Director: Norberts J. Muncs, assisted by Danielle Irvine

A Faculty Comprised of Articulated, Dedicated and Professional Theatre Artists The School is proud of its teaching staff. The NTS?s faculty consists of articulate, dedicated and professional theatre artists. Students benefit from individualized training and daily contact with directors, artists, and creators active in shaping theatre across the country and abroad. This closeness and exchange with the contemporary professional theatre community is an important reason why most NTS graduates enter their field so successfully upon graduation. People who have taught, directed student plays, and/or mentored playwrights, include: Chris Abraham, Susan Benson, Nick Carpenter, Paula Danckert, Claudia Dey, Martha Henry, Peter Hinton, Nick Hutchinson, Larry Isacoff, Jillian Keiley, Julia Lenardon, Michael Mackenzie, Yanna McIntosh, Sarah Stanley, Tedi Tafel, Judith Thompson, Andrew Wade and Ker Wells, just to name a few.

Actors, playwrights, directors, set and costume designers, scenic artists, lighting designers, stage managers, technical directors, production managers and more ? all under one roof, well, actually two ? the National Theatre School on St. Denis Street and its theatre, the Monument-National on Boulevard Saint-Laurent.

Theory in practice, there?s no place like it.

How to apply

Interested candidates can download an application from the NTS web site:

To receive an application brochure:

Call toll free 1 (866) 547-7328, fax (514) 842-5661, or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Deadline for applications is February 15, 2005

The 2005 NTS National Applications and Audition tour is sponsored by CBC Television.

The National Theatre School of Canada would like to thank the ministries and arts councils of the different provinces across Canada who contribute to the financing of the NTS, including the Department of Canadian Heritage.

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