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Music and Food at the Marketplace

Every Monday through Friday from 12:00 to 1:15pm, The Marketplace offers a unique lunch experience. In addition to the varied selections of a brunch menu, soups, salads and sandwiches, specialty coffee and teas, and famous desserts, entertainment is served by pianist Glen MacEachern.

Glen MacEachern is a local entertainer who has been quite active on the Island music scene in the last number of years. His sensitive and light-hearted brand of piano playing could be described as both nostalgic and uplifting. He posesses his own unique style showing influences of perhaps a Floyd Cramer or a Waldo Munroe. Audiences are taken by his versatility and ability to interpret different genres of music. On occasion he does his own vocals, sometimes giving renditions of his original compositions.

Because of his wide range of musical influences, Glen was chosen as the regular lunch-time performer by Bruce MacNaughton, owner of The Marketplace. MacNaughton says, “When I first purchased Glen’s CD’s we never had a chance to put them on display in New Glasgow for a few a weeks; just too busy at the time. Glen called and asked if we were going to put them out and I apologized for being tardy and we put them on display and for sale. I mentioned to staff that they should open one and play it that afternoon. It was later in the day and I was walking through I noticed this “happy tickling of the ivories” coming out of the speakers and I just loved it, the mood that it created was one of joy and pure fun; it was really well done. I had never heard it before and I commented to the clerks, WHO IS THAT; I LOVE IT. They then told me that it was Glen MacEachern and they had sold six that afternoon and customers had told them all afternoon that they had loved the CD.

So when I started thinking of music for the Marketplace, Glen was an obvious choice.”

Glen has entertained at fund-raising events, ceilidhs, concerts and seniors’ homes around the Island, as well as at banquets and private functions. He has played with different well known musicians and singers including David Thompson and PEI Country with whom he has been a regular performer on East Link’s Community Showcase on Cable 10. In April of this year he released his first CD entitled Country Keyboard, a collection of old country, gospel, easy listening and old time tunes, which has achieved a great deal of success to date. 

In his relatively short time on the entertainment scene, he has established a loyal following who enjoy his brand of music. Given the success of his current CD, Country Keyboard and interest expressed by the public, he is considering a follow-up album in the not too distant future.

Guest performers can also be heard at The Marketplace every Friday from 7 to 9pm, and Saturday 12-2pm. Additional performances will be held on Sundays December 11 and 18 between 2-4pm during the Christmas season.

The Marketplace is located at 133 Queen Street in the heart of downtown Charlottetown across from the Confederation Centre. For upcoming performance schedules, check the website of the Prince Edward Island Preserve Company at “http://www.preservecompany.com”  and click on “What’s News”.

For more information or to express interest in performing in “Music At The Marketplace” please contact project coordinator Jacqueline Sorensen at <jsorensen@upei.ca>.


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