Sunday, September 26, 2004

Member Tickets

Member Tickets are restricted to holders of valid ACT Membership Cards showing an expiry date of August 2005.

Members may purchase any amount of tickets for $2 off the advertised rate. For JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR this means that they may purchase

Member A = $16 (which is the Regular $18 ticket less $2)

Member B = $14 (which is the Discount $16 ticket less $14)

Confederation Centre will not charge ACT the commission on these Members’ Ticket sales; this deal is not something they normally do, but is something they are offering us as a way to support local theatre and in recognition of our long-standing relationship.

When purchasing Member Tickets, please use cash / cheque / or debit. That way we won’t lose any potential savings to the credit card companies. I have asked the Box Office to remind members of this when booking.

Member Tickets will only be available until the Friday before the show opens. After that date, Members wanting to purchase tickets will have to purchase them at the normal rates offered to the general public.

Note: I have also asked the Box Office to close down the balcony until the orchestra has been sold. This way we won’t end up paying for the extra Front of House staff if the sales don’t warrant the extra cost. Not that I think that is going to be an issue—but we can’t afford to take the chance.

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