Monday, June 28, 2004

Love Your Playwrights

The greatest thing came with my New Yorker this week. Included in an advertisement for (oops can’t remember) there was a very large I heart (love) _fill your own thing in______ bumper sticker. At first I thought I would write I love poetry because I do. On reconsideration I thought I should write, I love drama. (too my grandmother’s kitchen) then, I love Canadian drama (too television).then, I love plays.(too generic). What really got my heart racing was, I love CANADIAN PLAYS! So with the recommended waterproof fat marker I wrote in bold letters, I love Canadian PLAYS. I carefully cleaned off a spot on the back of my 1996 Honda minivan and stuck it on. YES. Then I hopped in and drove past Neptune Theatre, wishing there had been room to write I LOVE CANADIAN PLAYS ON THE MAINSTAGES OF OUR REGIONAL THEATRES. But for now I feel incredibly good about my I love Canadian plays bumper sticker and urge all other PGC members (and other lovers of Canadian plays) to rush out and buy this week’s New Yorker (fiction issue) and with a fat marker create a bumper sticker supporting Canadian plays/playwrights. Hey I might just have to buy another issue myself, for a, I love Canadian Playwrights, they’re so sexy——the possibilities are endless.

Catherine Banks

- From TheatrePEI newsletter

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