Wednesday, April 06, 2005

La Roque Writer’s Retreat

If you have a story to tell . . . The La Roque Writer’s Retreat is the Ideal Place to Start.

In May, 2005, Montreal writers MARIANNE ACKERMAN and KENT STETSON will host a series of creative workshops in La Roque Alric, a picturesque village in the South of France.

This years themes are: Memoir & Drama*

Seven day seminars include a maximum of six participants, who will live in the lovely 17th C village surrounded by hills and vineyards. Combining the atmosphere of an all-inclusive vacation (wonderful food, fabulous Cote de Rhone wines, lodging), with the rigour of intellectual and artistic challenge, this one-of-a-kind workshop is the ideal way to get started on that writing project, or advance a work in progress, under the expert guidance of two seasoned professionals. Open to people of any age or background.

For more information, consult our website:’AtelierAlric or call: (514) 278-5038

Workshop Leaders: Marianne Ackerman - award-winning journalist, playwright, novelist, host of the first highly successful La Roque workshop in 2000. Kent Stetson - Governor General’s Award, and Canadian Author’s Association Award winner, experienced creative writing teacher. (National Theatre School, McGill)

*Stage and Screenplays - Character Driven Plot.

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