Sunday, October 31, 2004

JC Superstar Make-up Hints

Please provide your own �foundation� makeup �a medium to dark beige, depending on your colouring. Those who need to purchase their makeup should buy an inexpensive liquid foundation. If you already have pancake makeup, you may of course use that. The key thing here is that the makeup should not look any darker than �street makeup� when it is on.

We will have sponges for each of you.

You should also have eyeliner (an eyeliner pencil works nicely) that matches your colouring Women should have a muted colour of lipstick.

Kathleen Murphy will be on site from Tuesday onward to provide assistance as required.

Men please immediately start moisturizing your face and neck (and the top of your head, if it will require makeup to reduce the shine!) each time that you wash.

Always wash your face and neck and apply moisturizer before you come to the theatre.

Anyone who has any questions about makeup, please see Brenda on Monday or Tuesday

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