Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Introducing…Another Rising Star from the JCS Cast!

Bryanna Cook


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Bryanna Cook

Thirteen-year old Bryana is in Grade 8 French Immersion at Stonepark Intermediate. She has studied voice since age 5 and dance since age 3, taking voice lessons with Suzanne Campbell and studying Dance with Shirley Burke. Bryana has appeared in many concerts, ceilidhs and benefits on and off the Island. She has also competed in many competitions, winning numerous awards at events including the Queens County Music Festival, the Rising Star competition, The Montague Homecoming and many others. She has performed on the Mainstage many times, but her most memorable performance was in Anne of Green Gables in 1999. Bryana and her sister Kyla also performed in the finals in the Youth Talent show performing “Summer” from the Musical Anne of Green Gables this past summer. Bry wishes the entire cast and crew all the best adding, I know we will give the audience a great show!

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