Thursday, January 27, 2005

Indian River Festival Seeking Applications for Executive Director

As General Manager of this summer music festival, the Executive Director will effectively lead and manage the Festival, critically and objectively examine each aspect of the operation on an ongoing basis, determining short-term needs and goals in relation to its strategic plan. The Executive Director will work with the Board and Festival Committees in drafting and implementing all financial planning for the festival, programming, marketing and administration. The Executive Director will be responsible for funding and grant applications, developing the Festival Membership program, community and corporate fundraising, staffing and volunteers, and liaison with the artists for the summer program.

Salary to be negotiated. Position is full-time from spring to fall, part-time during the winter months.

Full information available at

Please send resumes and letters of application to P.O. Box 769, Kensington, PEI COB 1MO

Deadline for applications: January 30, 2005

Full Description:

The Executive Director of the Festival reports directly to the Board of Directors and is responsible for general communications, liaison with Board members, artists, government agencies, media, employees, fundraising activities, promotion and marketing, the programming and scheduling of concerts and special events.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


<li>Government Funding / Grants

<ul><li>Seek out funding possibilities</li>

<li>Complete funding applications in a timely manner Maintain records Complete funding reports Programming Liaise with Artistic Director and program committee Schedule concerts and negotiate fees together with the Artistic Director Schedule workshops and other related Festival events Create and process contracts for the artists in a timely manner Maintain records and complete programming reports</li>



Communicate program information to members, sponsors, benefactors and patrons for promotional purposes



Oversee the publishing of the IRF program in a timely manner each season.


<li>Communications / Promotions

<ul><li>Report to Board regarding contracts, fees etc of performers, prepare for Board meetings and IRF Annual General Meeting</li>

<li>Liaise with performers, providing information regarding venue, schedules etc</li>

<li>Liaise and oversee the logistics with St. Mary’s Church re schedules and maintenance of the Church. </li>

<li>Ensure that season brochure/program are published in a timely manner and distributed effectively. </li>

<li>Maintain web site and ensure it is effectively used.</li>

<li>Communicate with media and promote the Indian River Festival at every opportunity through print media, radio, television, preparing press releases, etc. </li>

<li>Build media partnerships to promote the Festival </li>

<li>Prepare and distribute the Festival poster, mail outs, invitations/announcements</li>

<li>Liaise with graphics artist and web designer</li></ul>


<ul><li>Prepare contracts with church, performers, media, employees for Board approval</li>

<li>Distribute and negotiate contracts in a time manner</li>

<li>Maintain contract records</li>


<li>Community / Corporate Fundraising

<ul><li>Solicit new memberships, continue to develop and build membership program</li>

<li>Solicit corporate memberships and support</li>

<li>Communicate and affirm memberships through special events, written communications etc.</li>

<li>Arrange volunteer program and support for season</li>



<ul><li>Advertise and process summer employment applications</li>

<li>Working with a Board member or committee, process, interview and hire summer staff</li>

<li>Organize and oversee the summer staff duties</li>

<li>Complete Performance Reviews and Appraisals for summer staff.</li>

<li>Maintain staffing records, job descriptions, contracts, etc</li>



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