Monday, November 03, 2003

Indian River Festival and ACT to Produce Murder in the Cathedral

Indian River Festival partners with ACT to produce TS Eliot’s ‘Murder in the Cathedral’ in August 2004 and ACT will also produce JC Superstar in November.

The Indian River Festival has decided to partner with ACT to produce Murder in the Cathedral next summer at St. Mary’s Church, any time after their last concert, which is August 22 (leaving one more weekend before Labour Day weekend).  The show will be fully included in their publicity and program as a special feature of this coming summer’s offerings.  Mary Crane, the President, is quite excited by the whole prospect; she is also the choir director at St. Mary’s.

This news now entails some coordination with Jesus Christ Superstar, re especially audition timing, rehearsal timing, and production personnel (costuming comes particularly to mind), but all should be do-able.I think we should have one early production meeting of everyone interested in helping with either show, then go on our separate paths thereafter. 

Another early meeting (though perhaps not until January) will be with Festival officials to work out exact dates and number of shows (= expected audience), rehearsals in the church, ticket prices, risk/profit-sharing, some separate publicity on our side (especially, I think, our own poster) coordinated with theirs, program, and other matters of mutual interest, after which our production team can continue on its own, hopefully with a liaison person from their side sitting with us, and can prepare the first budget for ACT Executive approval.  The only big cost is costumes (we even have a multitude of free copies of the script), and since MIC was very recently produced in Antigonish, we might be able to borrow or rent some costumes quite cheaply from them.  There are also artifacts of various kinds from the production of MIC at St. Peters in Charlottetown in 1983.

Carl is sending a similar message to the Indian River Festival Chorus (in effect, another entity in this deal—our partnership is with the FESTIVAL as such), which will be supplying both the music for the show (somewhat more than what T.S. Eliot envisaged) and the speaking chorus of women. 

Sufficient enthusiasm has already been shown by this group that we feel fairly confident already about staffing the choral aspects of this show.  Anyone not already in this Chorus will have to audition, and of course there will be auditions of the usual kind for all the individual roles.

A third meeting early in the new year will be with the parishioners of St. Mary’s both to interest them in this deeply spiritual work and to reassure any who might be misled by the title into thinking it is by Agatha Christie.  Of course church congregations generally will be a target audience for special publicity.

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