Monday, October 18, 2004

Here’s one lady who is “sew” creative!

Pam Jewell


“As my father always used to say, ‘Cut your suit according to the cloth at hand!’ Pam quips, then adds, “Sew (pardon the pun), I picked up my scissors and material, and my sewing career took off!”

A Grade Eight home economics sewing class and a summer job “slaving away” in wardrobe at Confederation Centre set Pam on the road to discovering her current passion. Not only did sewing “tickle her fancy”, she also found that she loved creating things as well!

Click on “more” to find out why Pam’s kids never complained when helping their mom with her work!

Pam Jewell

Pam’s three daughters have served as “live mannequins” many times over the years, and the creative costumer admits her girls “never complained”, because it was always dress-up or make-believe time at the Jewell house. It was this fun and youthful aspect of Pam’s family life that led her to another hobby that quickly turned into an exciting way to make a living when she started a costume rental business. Today she has nearly two hundred costumes in stock, and with the help of her husband Bob, Pam runs the Jewell’s Halloween rental business out of the family basement each year.

It wasn’t a stretch for Pam to consider helping out when ACT approached for assistance with costume design and set building for “Trial By Jury”, and it soon led to more creative opportunities when she became involved with “The Gondoliers” and “Murder In The Cathedral”. Now Pam says it is a “super” experience to be constructing and sewing for “Jesus Christ Superstar”.

Pam has some advice for those thinking of taking up her hobby. “Remember, with a needle and thread, a big imagination, and a heart for creating, you can be sure it will turn out to be something!”

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