Saturday, January 15, 2005

Friends at CBC Request Assistance

Dear Gerry:

FRIENDS has learned that the federal government is poised to announce a new round of budget cuts, despite its $9 billion surplus.  CBC is a target, even though two House of Commons Committees—Finance and Heritage—have called for increased stable funding for CBC.

Unless we act now, CBC could suffer yet another in a long line of funding cuts that have taken a tremendous toll, especially at the grassroots.

After a decade of cuts, CBC programs no longer reflect the rich fabric of culture and life in communities across Canada, only the limited view of CBC bureaucrats in downtown Toronto and Montreal reporting to Ottawa.  We need a new CBC with stronger grassroots, not more network programs.  It’s a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, not a Toronto Broadcasting Corporation.

Please take a moment to visit our Action Centre at and help FRIENDS send a powerful message to Prime Minister Martin about the importance of building CBC, especially at the grassroots. Our Action Centre is easy to use, it’s fast and when you enter your postal code, your MP will automatically receive a copy of your letter.

You can either send the draft we have prepared or edit it with your personal comments.

And please tell your friends. We need Canadians to stand up for their own communities across Canada so the CBC remains a strong national voice with deep grassroots.


Ian Morrison


P.S.  Its extremely important that the Prime Minister hear from you now, at a time when his government is planning its next budget under pressure from a strong opposition in the minority Parliament.  Please visit and take action today!


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