Thursday, September 01, 2005

Fond Farewell

Unbelievable.  That’s what that airport goodbye was.  We just cannot believe what good people we have as friends.  You took us—and the rest of the airport!!—completely by surprise with your parade.  Wonderful!

We are in Vancouver for a few days, enjoying the Western half of our family.  And struggling to get the baggage down to 20 kg + one 5-kg carry-on per person.  On Tuesday (6th) to Thursday (8th) we’ll go LA, Aukland, Brisbane, Solomon Islands.


Thanks so much to the paraders—Annie & Gabriel, Gerry & Brenda, Janet, Rowena, Terry & Jennifer, Veronica and Wallena—and to all the ACT folks who have showered us with such good wishes.  We feel pretty blessed.

We’ll keep you posted on the GST (Great Solomons Theatre) Adventure!

Rob & Mar

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Posted by RobAdmin on 09/01 at 02:16 PM
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