Wednesday, September 28, 2005

End the CBC Lockout

Dear Gerry:

Enough is enough. The CBC lockout has meant services that many Canadians rely upon and desperately miss have been unavailable for too long.  I hope you will join me and other concerned Canadians to send a strong message to CBC President Robert Rabinovitch to END THE CBC LOCKOUT. You can send a message using FRIENDS’ online action centre by visiting:

There’s another reason I urge you to send a message right now, even if you have previously written to President Rabinovitch about the lockout.  It’s to call for changes to the patronage appointment system that is at least partly responsible for the current lockout. Former Prime Minister Chrétien appointed Mr. Rabinovitch in 1999, and Prime Minister Martin extended his tenure last year. The CBC president should not be able to deny CBC services to Canadians under the Prime Minister’s protection.  FRIENDS believes CBC’s Board should have the power to choose and dismiss the president. That’s the way it works on other boards.  And it’s what the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage unanimously recommended in its landmark Lincoln Report.

To convey this important message, our action centre software will automatically send the Prime Minister, the Heritage Minister, and your MP a copy of your letter.  The return of Parliament this week presents a valuable opportunity to make your views on patronage appointments known.

Again, the address to visit is:

Thanks for taking action to end the CBC lockout - and to address one of its root causes.

Yours sincerely,

Ian Morrison


FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting


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