Monday, October 25, 2004

En-Choir-ing Minds Want To Know!


Stéphane Parent

This Sagittarian singer was born on the outskirts of Ottawa, and moved to the Island in the early ‘80s to work at Veterans Affairs Canada.

Stéphane enjoys jogging, reading and singing – he’s been with one choir or another for the last twenty years! During the summer he and his family enjoy spending time together at the cottage.

Click on “more” to find out what prompted Stéphane to audition for JCS!

Stéphane Parent

When he received the JCS auditions notice, Stéphane was intrigued upon seeing that ACT was looking for middle-aged people who loved to sing! Since he qualified on both counts, he thought he’d give it a try, though he had not performed in a play since high school!

“Imagine my surprise when Allie asked me to play the role of Caýaphas!” Stéphane beams, “I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the work and camaraderie that is evident among the troupe, and I look forward to performing on the Mainstage!”

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