Friday, January 02, 2004

Director of Theatre Report

Director of Theatre Report in anticipation of upcoming meeting.

Hello All-
Before our meeting on Sunday, I wanted to fill everyone in on a few things that I wanted to talk about at our last two snowed-out meetings!
First of all, I am moving back to the States in August hopefuly to go to grad school.  So, I will not be around for my second year as Director of Theatre.  However, it is important to me that we have the 2004-2005 season completely figured out with production dates and theatres booked before I leave. 

Our fall season is quite full with the late summer production of Murder in the Cathedral, then the fall production of JC Superstar and finally Amahl and the Night Visitors.  For the spring, it looks as though Corin McFadden is quite interested in directing for ACT.  He has a few ideas and I have asked him to put together a proposal for a play.  I believe that he will be a great addition to our collection of ACT directors and he seems very keen. 

Secondly, I want to make sure that we have something prepared for this year’s Theatre Festival.  The application deadline is January 9.  Monique feels that she will have a few scenes prepared from Office Hours.  I want to be able to confirm this, however.

Finally, this seems ages ago, but I will give a short final report on American Ghosts.  We made 930.00 in ticket sales and ~145.00 from refreshments.  Our expenses amounted to $882.40.  So, we made $192.60 profit, not including new membership fees. 

And, Andrew, I still have the cheque for you from Beaconsfield.  I have not had time to drop it off and I should have simply posted it.  I will give it to you on Sunday.

Happy New Year Everyone,


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