Friday, January 18, 2019

Community Theatre Festival

Looks like a fine line-up for March 30

  Preparations for the 2019 Community Theatre Festival have shifted into a higher gear.  At least a half-a-dozen groups have indicated their intent to participate, and we know that several are already rehearsing.

  Finalization of the line-up will come later, but as of mid-January it looks like we’ll have:
• More Mi’kmaq Legends
• A stand-up comedy revue
• A belly-laugh satiric skit
• A absurdist philosophical comedy
• Staged reading of a tale based on Homer’s Odyssey
• Mischievous improv
• An original comedy set atop the Tower of Babel

  And here’s one we’ve already previewed.  Students in Frances Squire’s class at Birchwood Intermediate School have themselves written and blocked a play about the pressures of teen life.  Kate Martin and Rob Thomson recently visited the school for a sort of workshopping of the piece, and gave some mentoring advice.  They found that even in its developing stages, it is quite dramatic.

  The short (½ hour or less) plays will run on the big stage of The Carrefour throughout the afternoon of Saturday, March 30th.
Information:  robthomson @

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