Sunday, September 19, 2004

Broadway film not to be missed . . .

Be sure to see “Broadway- The Golden Age”. 

Hello Everyone-
I am writing to you after a wonderful evening at the movies in Chicago.  I live right around the corner from the city’s main independent cinema (I am a lucky girl!!).  I saw a film entitled “Broadway- The Golden Age”.  It was fabulous. 

It was a documentary about Broadway in the forties, fifties and sixties.  It included interviews with more than 100 Broadway legends.  It mesmerized me and the rest of the audience for two hours.  And, the director of the film did a Q and A with the audience after the film.  He told us that the film was supposed to be seen only in LA and NY, but because of terrific word-of-mouth and e-mails, it is now showing in theatres all across the US.  So, if you are interested in this great piece of film and theatre history, please press Derek at City Cinema to bring this film in.  You won’t be disappointed!!!  It is a Stritch!  (Literally . . . Elaine Stritch’s comments kept the whole audience in stitches!).



PS- For anyone interested, all is well here.  I even have a part-time job at the Goodman Theatre.  I am going to see the premiere dress rehearsal of Arthur Miller’s newest play tomorrow night!  Again, I am a lucky girl.  I’ll send my review in the next few days.

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