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Board / Executive Minutes Sep 28/03

Minutes of September 28/03

Present: Jennifer Shields (chair), Emily Hanlin, Greg Hughes, Sophia Wong, Terry Pratt, Gerry Gray, Andrew Mann, Janet MacDonald, Shannon Murray, Carl Mathis, Brenda Porter (recorder)

1. Additions to Agenda
Items regarding publicity person, props/set pieces, and limited liability status were added to the agenda.

2. Approval of Minutes
Minutes of the August 24 minutes were reviewed. It was moved by Greg and seconded by Terry that the minutes be approved. Motion carried.

3. Business Arising from the Minutes
Profit from Trial By Jury
Terry reported that the profit from TBJ was to be transferred to the IRF Chorus. Brenda noted that there was one bill paid after the profit was calculated (to Sharon Fletcher for hairdressing in the amount of 0). Andrew indicated that there were insufficient funds in the current account to pay the amount in total. After some discussion, it was moved by Sophia and seconded by Carl that the sum of one thousand dollars be paid to IRF immediately, the remainder to be paid on January 1, 2004. Motion carried.

Publicity Items
Thanks were extended to Carl for preparing the symphony ad. Jennifer reported that Kate Westphal had agreed to do the generic ad for 0. Changes that were required for specific occasions would be made by her and submitted directly.
Action Item: Jennifer will find out what the charge would be for making the changes and bring to next meeting for a decision.

ACT Membership Information
Action Item: Emily will include the information submitted by Sophia in the next publicity.

4. Treasurer’s Report
Andrew reported that he and Mar had been unable to locate to date some of the relevant information. He reported the following:
Current Account 67.90 (not including a couple of outstanding bills).
Investment 1 c. 00.00
Investment 2 84.14
Total ,416.72 (this sum includes IRFC dollars)
Andrew reported that he and Mar would like to change to Simply Accounting from Quicken. It was noted that cost of the software might be less at UPEI bookstore. Action item: Andrew will do more research re software and bring to next meeting for a decision.

A letter re change in signing officers was circulated for signatures.
Action Item: Gerry will get the remaining signatures (Annie, Monique) and deliver letter to the bank.

There was discussion regarding a budget for ads and other non-production items such as insurance and AACT membership. The exact amount spent for these items in the previous year was not immediately evident.
Action Item: Andrew and Gerry will draft a “non-production” budget for consideration at the next meeting.

Andrew reported that ACT might not qualify for charitable status. There was considerable discussion re charitable, non-profit, and limited liability status. The PEI incorporation fee is 5.00, plus a .00 search fee.
Action Items: Andrew will investigate further and bring forms to next meeting.
Terry and Brenda will get information from other arts organizations that have obtained charitable/non-profit status and bring same to the next meeting.

It was also noted that the web site needs to be a budget item ( approximately 0.00 per year).

Terry noted that production profits subsidize the general budget. Andrew indicated that fund raising was required. It was agreed that the membership fee would be reconsidered at the next meeting.

5. Director of Theatre’s Report
Emily submitted a report from the Youth Can-Do Project. She also reported on the American Ghosts production scheduled for Beaconsfield October 30, 7:30 pm and November 1, 2:30 and 7:30 pm. Emily will advise cast members of the various benefits of ACT membership. Brenda noted that instructions re membership being collected at the first rehearsal was included in minutes of the August 24 meeting.
Action Item: Andrew will go to a rehearsal asap to collect membership dollars.
Brenda agreed to assist with costumes for the production. Emily indicated that complimentary tickets for those involved with the production would not pose a problem at Beaconsfield. There was some discussion re publicity (poster, etc.) and Emily inquired re monies available for same. She is able to look after much of the publicity and will contact Rob T. for suggestions in this regard. It was asserted that the executive must approve a budget for the production. This would need to happen before the next meeting.
Action Item: Emily and Jennifer will e-mail the budget to executive members for approval within the next several days.
Emily does not have precise details re Office Hours. Carl said that it was planned for May/June (the same time frame as Mousetrap). Terry will not do a winter show. Gerry will circulate an e-mail re folks interested in being on the production team for Les Mis (Allie plans on a November ’04 date). Terry indicated that Indian River Festival has not yet approved Murder in the Cathedral. He said that he and Carl had an alternative plan should the production not be approved by IRF.

6. Gondoliers Video
Carl reported that, after considerable challenges with software, 12-13 of the required 28 videos are now complete. Terry indicated that he would assist with the reainder as required.

7. ACT Newsletter
Terry initiated a discussion re whether ACT wants or needs a newsletter. He said that he prefers a hard copy newsletter. Some discussion ensued. This item will be included on the agenda of the next meeting.
Action Item: Members of the executive and board and general membership are asked to contact Terry within the next short while if they have opinios to express on this matter.

8. Renewal of AACT Membership
It was reported that membership is worthwhile (newsletter, annual festival, information on web site).
Action Item: Gerry will find out the cost of same for inclusion in the non-production budget.

9. ACT Logo
Jennifer indicated that it is possible to make small changes in the logo. There was disagreement about whether brackets and lower case for “a community theatre” should appear on the logo.
Action Item: Jennifer will ask Kate W. to make the proposed changes and send same to Carl who will bring the draft to the next meeting.

10. ACT Constitution
Action Items: Executive and Board members are asked to read the constitution. Andrew will e-mail re requirements for constitutional changes/additions required for incorporation.

11. Building Search
Terry reported that no agreement would be forthcoming with Stratford. The search continues.

12. ACT Out
Janet reported that 14 had attended the event in Victoria on September 19. It was suggested that the upcoming two Planks and a Passion production might be the next event. Bravos were extended for the success of the first ACT Out of the season.

13. ACT Reading Club
Shannon circulated a proposed schedule of readings for the season. Terry noted that a successful Murder in the Cathedral reading had already been held. There was discussion re booking 42nd Street for the reading of The Weir. Shannon said that the work would be moved to a later date
Action Item: Shannon will contact Greg at 42nd Street if the reading is not to be held there.
Folks discussed the proposed reading schedule. It was noted that the schedule could go on the web site or be included in the first issue of the newsletter. It was agreed that materials prepared for the readings should be destroyed immediately following use. The time for each event will be 7:00 pm for a 7:30 reading.

14. Web Site
Gerry reported that anyone can add items to the web site. The procedure is as follows:
Click on and complete Subject, Author, Summary, and Body sections. Click on Add. (Password is ACTion.)

15. Props/Set Pieces List
Brenda reported that the list is underway.

16. Publicity Person
Members are asked to consider whether they might fill this role or whether there are others that might be interested. This will be discussed at a future meeting.

17. Date of the Next Meeting
The next meeting of the executive/board will be held on Sunday, October 26 at the UPEI Faculty Lounge, from 4:00-6:00 pm.
Action Item: Terry agreed to book the site.

Meeting adjourned.

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