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Board / Executive Minutes Oct 26/03

Minutes of October 26/03 Executive/Board Meeting

Present:  Jennifer Shields (chair), Emily Hanlin, Greg Hughes, Sophia Wong, Terry Pratt, Gerry Gray, Andrew Mann, Carl Mathis, Brenda Porter (recorder)

Regrets:  Janet MacDonald

1. Additions to Agenda
It was agreed that a presentation by Allie McCrady be the first item.

Proposal for Jesus Christ Superstar
Allie McCrady discussed the proposal for a November production of Jesus Christ Superstar.  He would stage direct and Shirley Cameron would be musical director, auditions to be held in the late spring of 2004, leads to begin rehearsing over the summer, and chorus rehearsals to begin in September.  Allie was thanked for his presentation.  Discussion was held re the Confederation Centre venue and the possibility of Summerside performance. 
It was moved by Brenda and seconded by Andrew that approval in principle be given for the production, final approval to be considered upon presentation of the preliminary budget in January.  Motion carried (one abstention).
Action item:  The production team will present a rough budget for the January meeting.
2. Approval of Minutes
Minutes of the September 28 minutes were reviewed.  It was moved by Andrew and seconded by Sophia that the minutes be approved.  Motion carried.

3. Business Arising from the Minutes
Ad Copy
Jennifer reported that Kate Westphal would charge $10 per ad if no change required and $30 if change required.  It was moved by Carl and Seconded by Sophia that Kate’s offer be accepted and that the need for changes would be considered on an ad hoc basis.  Motion carried. 
Action Item:  Carl will forward the symphony ad to Kate for reference and Gerry will forward her a former ad.

Publicity Person
Action Item:  Gerry will ask Valerie Moore whether she would fill this role.

Emily reported that membership information is in this month’s Buzz.

4. Treasurer’s Report

Non-Production Budget

Andrew presented an estimate of $1,144.00 for items not directly related to productions.  He also suggested that non-essential items such as workshops, awards, and prizes should be in the bi-laws. 

Andrew also noted that a $250 cheque to PEI Business Development Corp. has not been cashed.

Action Item:  Rob Thomson will be asked to look into this.

Membership income to date is $470.00.  Emily indicated that there were 8 memberships to come from the current production.

Action Item:  Emily/Andrew will collect these memberships.

Terry will submit costs for the newsletter. 

There was brief discussion about fundraising possibilities.

Andrew reported that he will use Quicken.  Mar Thomson has agreed to audit the books.

Current Profit/Loss

Andrew circulated a statement that showed total assets of $11,954.70 (as of Oct. 22/03).  When payment of $1566.93 has been made to Indian River Festival Chorus and the PEI Business Development cheque has been cashed, the balance will be $10,137.77.

Action Item:  Andrew will circulate this statement via e-mail.

Limited Liability/Charitable Status

Andrew reported that limited liability must be gotten first. 

Action Item: Emily agreed to contact Marie-France and ask her to contact Andrew re completion of the required forms.

Action Item:  Andrew will investigate whether federal or provincial charitable status is required.

It was noted that discussion of raising membership fees would have to take place at an AGM.

5. Director of Theatre’s Report

Emily presented a budget for American Ghosts.  It was noted that approximately 170 seats sold would be required to reach the break-even point.  Excellent publicity for the production was given kudos. It was moved by Brenda and seconded by Carl that the budget be approved as presented.

Emily proposed an evening of readings and songs for February.  This idea will be discussed at the next meeting.

Action Item:  Carl will contact Monique to get further details re the Office Hours production planned for May/June.

6. ACT Newsletter

Terry indicated that he had received response re the newsletter and that he would do two issues this year.  It was agreed that 40 copies would be sufficient for the fall issue.  Selected mail out to other theatre organizations was discussed.

7. Renewal of AACT Membership

Andrew confirmed that AACT membership had been renewed.  He passed round some copies of the magazine.

8. One Act Play Award

It was moved by Andrew and seconded by Carl that Act give a $250 award, for this year only, for a one act play, to be presented in May 2003.  Motion carried.

9. Theatre PEI Forum Request

Theatre PEI has requested that ACT be involved in hosting a forum.  Terry proposed that the UPEI English Department Faculty Lounge might be booked for same.  Terry agreed to be the liaison between ACT and Theatre PEI.

Action Item:  Jennifer will talk with the contact person for Theatre PEI.

10. Sponsorship for Lighting Workshop

It was moved by Carl and seconded by Andrew that ACT sponsor one ACT member for this workshop.  The motion was amended to read that one-half of the costs would be paid by ACT.  Motion carried.

11. Building Search

Terry will continue his search.

12.  ACT Out Report

Jennifer reported for Janet/Ben that more than 8 people attended the October 16 production by Two Planks and a Passion.

13. Reading Club Report

Not available.

14.  Web Site

Gerry reported that he has been working to make the web site more dynamic and that the cost of the new site has already been included in the budget. 

Action Item:  Jennifer will contact Monique re updating the web site, now that changes have been made.

14. ACT Logo

It was moved by Emily and seconded by Sophia that the logo remain as is (“a community theatre” underneath ACT and without brackets).  Motion carried.

15. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on December 7 at 4:00 pm in the UPEI English Department Faculty Lounge.

16. November 8 Gala

Emily presented information about a gala concert to be held at Beaconsfield to assist with raising funds for the new piano.  Terry and Jennifer will cut the ribbon at the concert in recognition of the substantial donation to the piano fund made in ACT’s name.

Meeting adjourned.

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